1. Just got done listening and it’s one of my favorite albums from A7x honestly really love it

  2. If it's clean, it can make a lovely background for a piece of wall art. A fabric banner, or wall hanging.

  3. That’s what I’m using it for right now I have some framed right inside our cattle barn

  4. So they can get rid of those heavy items, of course.

  5. Dont try to win, it's a fucking sack race.

  6. Well... Your infamy for doing a mass shooting may overshadow the fact you won the sack race by default. You'd have an interesting manifesto though.

  7. do not remove all the potatoes. you can use them as throwables like mario kart shells

  8. in my experience, try to push on the sides of the sack with your feet, so you don't lose traction. remember, find a balance between a broad and closed stance so you keep your speed but don't lose stability. and above all else, keep a tight grip on the sack, or it will all go pear-shaped halfway through the race.

  9. Also could you tell me from personal experience how your race went from like what sack did you use to how long ago it was maybe

  10. i don't have a brand name for you, if i had to wager a guess on sack material, burlap. i was twelve, and i got fourth place. i started off strong, then tightened my stance, and fell down like you'd expect a sack full of something too. it was a close finish, at least that's what it looked like from where i was. that was literally the only sack race i have participated in.

  11. Damn lemme change my legal documents and all that real quick that might solve my problem

  12. Get a pogo stick and secretly place it within the burlap bag. Act natural as you hop high and long to the finish!

  13. I would say that they are pretty good the fit the overall theme of the album well while they might not be my favorite they are still great

  14. i've heard it is better to be pissed off than being pissed on.

  15. If it's a legit race, don't do this. You will trip and fall immediately. Rely on jumping. Take a step forward with the foot of your non-dominant side if the sack allows, then jump. Then jump with both feet. Then do it all again.

  16. Yeah that’s out of your control that will not fall back on you unless your manager is a asshole

  17. I was thing more like a rope or a few bean bag chairs, but those”ll work too

  18. I’m kidding just being sarcastic but yeah totally agree pretty good idea I could imagine maybe putting this idea with the idea of layering about 10 sacks over each other and trying to hop

  19. Focus on yourself and not others. Get into a specific rhythm and stay coordinated.

  20. Make sure your sack isn't full of rice. If it's full of rice you're going to have a difficult time

  21. So I forgot to tell you how practicing went but it ended up going well I used a lot of tips and even my girlfriend came over and we practiced against each other

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