1. I don’t think so. I’d say the boys are about finished with original projects altogether. They might have one more left in them as a band, but poor Mick has been running on fumes creatively for a good 30 years now.

  2. I agree that he’d probably have reverted to JGB. There was no dead without Bob, just as there was no Dead without Jerry.

  3. Just musically speaking, I think it was insisting upon a new band lineup every few years. I believe after getting burned so badly and so frequently throughout the 70s, Frank shut himself down even more to his collaborators and it truly became an employer/employee dynamic. That was always the case to a degree, but from the original Mothers through the Roxy band it always felt, at least to some extent, like a band.

  4. I hate that him getting pushed off the stage was the breaking point for that line up. Between the stage and the fire that tour was just cursed I wish we could have gotten more material from the Flo and Eddie line up. Plus the tapes from 200 Motels being taped over and erased breaks my heart so much left of the table.

  5. You and me both, brother. Just Another Band From LA shows how darn tight that lineup was getting.

  6. I submit that Undercover often gets unfairly lumped in with Dirty Work and features some genuinely interesting moments

  7. Same. I made the mistake of becoming familiar with Morning Dew through the Europe ‘72 performance, which set the bar entirely too high. The studio version is borderline offensive to me, can’t listen to it. But I’m sure it has its merits in the proper context.

  8. Contingent upon your idea of what constitutes an “upbeat” tune, I’d say “If I Had the World to Give” from Shakedown Street. Darn fine love tune from the Hunter/Garcia writing team, and feels akin to Jerry channeling the spirit of a still-living George Harrison.

  9. I’m aware that this is a super old thread, but I was reading up on Phil today and saw the tidbit on Wikipedia about him blowing his voice out because he wasn’t using proper technique doing the highs, then coming back doing baritone years later.

  10. Yeah too much of that sort of thing is bad news. Lay off for a while and listen to some Jerry Garcia Band.

  11. Suit vest and gloves anthony will forever be one of my favourites, second only to anthony from the otherside music video.

  12. Might as well not even continue with the list if you don’t put BSSM at #1. The taste Police will emerge to crucify you.

  13. Huge missed opportunity what with Lesh not calling his band The Gratephil Dead.

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