1. I hope they would keep the show going, but I think Jeff should be the one to handpick a new host, either way the show won’t be the same without Jeff

  2. Does anyone know where I can find the font they use for Australian Survivor? Especially those shots where they have LARGE letters across the entire screen. It looks like they have cracks in them

  3. Not totally sure, but I can look into it for you and if I find it i’ll send you a link!

  4. omg that would be AMAZING if you found it. I've looked everywhere

  5. my least favorite character is nellie because i didn’t like that she just claimed andy’s job

  6. Create the image in photoshop or affinity as a transparent png, then add it to iMovie

  7. Hey! I recently watched Survivor seasons 13 and 16 (for ozzy lol) and was wondering if you guys recommend any other seasons that are good! Please no spoilers, thanks!!

  8. The NHL out of market package is on ESPN+. You don’t have to pay extra for it. If you are in the Minnesota market, I don’t think you will be able to watch it.

  9. NHL.TV no longer exists, it takes you to ESPN+. It’s not 100% certain yet how ESPN is going to handle out of market games, whether or not they will offer both teams broadcast, home and away. If you live In Minnesota or it’s broadcast territory, you will not be able to view the games on ESPN+, you will have to subscribe to cable/satellite/or a streaming service that offers Bally Sports North.

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