1. At the Condors game. Woody & Bob watching intently. Cool to see them.

  2. The fans acted that way. Refs u suck! chants. They were lenient on the calls imo early on. Calling on intent imo. Peters fought Klapka. Bailey was looking for a fight at end.

  3. Apparently the game winning goal was very clearly offside but no review. I’d be pissed too

  4. Two of them are Canadian and one of them is German, both countries who bundle up year round even in the summer. Just saying.

  5. Leon was laughing at himself in an interview for wearing a sweater. Admitted it was getting steamy.

  6. Of course it was getting steamy... It's Draisaitl we're talking about!

  7. Depends on how long dwts lasts and how long sytycd lasts. She wants to do SYTYCD but she can’t until next year. She has to be 18 at the time of auditions (nothing is confirmed to be happening yet this year anyways). And idk if dwts would bring her on just yet

  8. This isn't the first time that Sage has dished the dirt about his experience on DWTS Junior. I feel like he's missed the memo that if you publicly badmouth past places where you have worked, you're creating a bad name for yourself in the industry, people don't want to hire trash talkers. Also appears to have missed the memo that getting a dancing gig like this was a huge opportunity for him. Just comes off very immature for someone now in his 20s.

  9. I think dancers like him and Ellianna probably had tougher times on the show because everyone else was already friends and they knew eachother. The rest of them were ballroom dancers too (except Kami but the couch sisters are well known in the industry). You had Lindsays little sister and Jenna’s niece and a lot of the kids (the girls anyways) were from Utah. So those two were the outcasts and it was probably a bit of a difficult time for them. They were kids and it was a tough time. I don’t blame them for getting things off their chest.

  10. Also yeah pros weren’t supposed to choose who they got but it’s about what’s the right fit and so if Gleb was throwing a fit about not wanting his original team then obviously they will accommodate him, whether that be for gleb or simply for the kids sake

  11. These photos are horribly unflattering lol

  12. fastest skater is so dumb when it isn't the fastest players lol

  13. Maybe it was just a challenge to get the boys riled up? Basically help us win 6 in a row and we will grow mullets.

  14. Looks like a full fledged crossover this time. Mers house on fire and maya in the ER.

  15. The harms of NFTs are largely the same harms you find in any emerging market as the technology evolves faster than the laws governing it. Currently it is still pretty wild west but that is changing very quickly. In the next 2 years I would bet that the majority of people will own NFTs and potentially many people won't even notice that they own them.

  16. hes her only gig duh lmao does she have a father? i always wondered that..

  17. If she doesn’t want to do anything else then she doesn’t have to. Everyone has their own career goals/prerogatives. Nothing wrong with it, even if it’s not something we personally would do for ourselves.

  18. I think once they get married, they will have kids and she will probably be a stay at home mom but also continue to do projects with Derek.

  19. Tbh I wouldn't blame Riley if she wanted to offload Graceland, isn't it a huge money sink?

  20. Neimo seems to be more of a late bloomer. I don’t think he will ever be a top tier defence man but it know he was sent down with instructions to work on his puck handling skills. He did score two goals a few games ago, and currently he’s a bit banged up. Curious to see how he turns out

  21. At this point, I want Jesse to be traded just so crazy people like you will leave him the fuck alone

  22. He is a professional athlete at the highest level making millions of dollars. If you can’t play at that level expect tons of criticism.

  23. You need to chill. Hockey criticism is always valid but a lot of people take things way too far and make it personal. He’s a human being at the end of the day and hockey is a game.

  24. Don't see many people talking about the cores age. The core guys are all at their prime or just passing their prime.

  25. I mean I think mcdavid keeps his body in tip top shape. His conditioning routine is probably very carefully calculated and precise. Drai on the other hand, I’m not sure if he’s as on top of things compared to Connor

  26. Things have been much improved since Christmas. But a lot of their players graduated to the oilers and they have a lot of career AHL’ers/former NHL’ers on the team.

  27. They’ve also had injuries this season and with the oilers injuries and guys getting called up for coverage, they’ve been missing players for stretches.

  28. The only word that has come out about Yamamoto is that they're lucky if he comes back.

  29. What does it say about Edmonton that they have the top 2 in points but the team is 12th in the standings? I’m guessing the other lines aren’t contributing much.

  30. They have a trend of being inconsistent in the first half of the season but having much better second half’s. It’s a thing with them. Our depth scoring has slowly been picking up the pace. We’ll see what happens

  31. The Kingsway Bay looked like it was liquidating/going out of business on the second floor, and when I asked staff what was going on, they said they were clearing out space for Zellers. So the same could be happening at Londonderry.

  32. I mean I was called and I live in fort sask

  33. What I’m saying is that of those 646 people, what’s the balance of where the polled people were from. Like was it balanced between the two big cities and rural? Or did it skew one way or another.

  34. I liked the video, good points as always. Sad to be reminded Klefbom as a UFA 😞 love the %95ish making the playoffs. Contender. Right that we need defence, I would argue that it looks like our goaltending is stabilizing, or least hoping that it continues the way it’s been going. Keep the puck out of our net. And then at the end saying he’d love to see McDavid get a cup with Edmonton 😊

  35. It’s Sad for his career but it will be good to get his and Smiths contracts off of LTIR. Lucic’s contract and Sekeras buyout also come off the books. Then we just have Neal’s buyout remaining.

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