1. There are many RBT pov here but I'll offer a different one. I am not against telehealth, but I don't think it should be the only form of contact. In my current company, my BCBAs have a requirement of at least 50% contact in person. Sometimes my BCBA has schedule changes that affect our sessions, but we make up for them in other days when she joins through Telehealth. That way, I'm getting my supervision hours, the programs are being updated and services are not affected.

  2. I just checked. She was born in Madrid, Spain. I know she's famous in Mexico, but she's still Spanish

  3. Sorry! I knew she was popular in Latin America but I always thought she was Spanish

  4. thanks everyone! sometimes i consider cutting my hair a bit shorter because it’s less maintenance (way easier to untangle!) and also has somewhat more volume, but i guess you’re right, i’ll stick to below shoulders length

  5. Vet to pet in Miller dr and 107th has always been good to my cats. So sorry you are going through this. I have a senior cat as well and I fear the time this day comes for me.

  6. Are there any rules against wearing fall clothes during other seasons????? I thought preppywas trending all year round lol

  7. What is this idiotic comment? So you can't have a good ass unless you're poor? Do you only consider a good ass that which has been done by plastic surgery?

  8. It's been 2 years. Unfortunately can't say it gets better. It's different than the beginning, but not better

  9. Ahh gotya makes sense. And semi nomadic. My spouse and I are both remote and we would like to be able to travel and work.

  10. That's my dream too! Unfortunately my husband doesn't work remotely and has no interest in the van life. I'd say if you both get the chance definitelydo it. Stick to areas where starlink is effective and get coworking passes where it isn't. It's expensive but it's worth the flexibility of traveling!

  11. If you put coworking space in your map you'll find a list of those. On their website where they list membership costs you'll see the cost for day passes. The ones I've been to range from 5 dollars to 20 bucks. Normally the mo they membership is a lot cheaper but it only makes sense if you're gonna be stationary in that location for a month. Wework has locations all over the US and there's a membership that gives you access to all their offices but it's pretty pricey

  12. Honestly it's amazing. Yes I still have to talk to people on zoom quite often, yes I barely get off my desk as it is very demanding. But I no longer waste my time on traffic, and I get to work with my three cats supporting me through it ❤️

  13. I got one from sourcingteam52!!! Wondering the same. I haven't filled any info yet. I'll wait and see

  14. So I have done this. She's a manager in a pretty famous restaurant and I left a bad review that specifically mentioned the manager lmao. She deserved it, she harassed me for years on my social media.

  15. Looks like they're working on the real time tracking and service is spotty, possibly on and off through 6/3

  16. Yeah I downloaded that app but it's not very user friendly imo. Oh well. Thanks for replying 😊

  17. …….totally genuine question here: do a lot of people spend this much money on their hair? That’s like a third of my rent cost lol

  18. Omg this is literally me hahaha. My cats love to munch of plants so whenever they have to come inside they're secluded to the bathroom lol

  19. I got mine from FB marketplace. If you're not interested in making profit you can list it for free. Shouldn't take too long before someone picks it up

  20. Holy crap the post itself isn't as bad as all the people agreeing in the comments 😬

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