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  1. What crack is she on? You can’t trademark a name

  2. Technically you can??? Only saying because my friend’s last name is Disney. And they can’t get a Google plus account and other accounts, and has been denied creating an LLC with her name (Disney) in the business’ name.

  3. On a similar note, I once left in the middle of the night from my live in position.

  4. Trout Lake, Grand Prismatic Overlook and Mystic Falls might be some good options:

  5. Fairy Falls(Including the Grand Prismatic Overlook which includes some stairs), Storm Point (Has a fair amount of sand and one steep sort of stairs part), Pelican Creek Nature Trail (small amount of sand), Ice Lake(I only went to where it connected to Howard-Eaton trail), Sentinel Meadows (two steeper hills, can be marshy) Bacon Rind Creek(only to the park boundary), First mile or two of the Mary Mountain Trail from the Canyon side (will have some muddy patches but pretty flat), Lone Star Geyser (mostly paved), Mystic Falls (I did not do as a loop too many stairs), the trails connecting Biscut Basin to Upper Geyser Basin(some stairs), and Clear Lake trail looping towards the canyon (this one has some pretty steep spots near the canyon rim). These are all trails I have managed to mostly do in my all terrain wheelchair with only small amounts of walking. I have assistance and don’t hike alone. The Clear Lake trail and along the canyon rim was probably the most difficult due to a couple of very steep spots and the stop erosion logs/stairs. I would avoid Avalanche Peak I hear it is very steep and hard on the knees. The Howard-Eaton trail behind Mammoth Hot Springs has great views of the hot springs but the trail was already washed out pretty bad before the floods and I have no idea the shape it is in now; this one was not a good idea in my wheelchair.

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this all out for me. I very much appreciate it!

  7. I think people connected Bluey, Bingo and cottagecore because they knew it would end up creating adorable merch that would get people like me to buy them out. It worked, lol.

  8. I mean. Don’t get me wrong. The stuff is SO cute and I want it too. Not at all ragging the art being produced right now!

  9. I have a male lab that developed the same issues and the dogs diet is a very important part of the equation. Right now feeding him an ultra low fat RX diet. Seems like the best thing was to get a puppy to help keep him company and my dog has really been better all around since getting him a little buddy. They make different types of insulin also and maybe you just haven't found that right type or proper dosage? Do you have your own blood sugar tester? Prick the ear or lip and check the numbers with the little battery powered tester. I don't check my dog very often---only if something doesn't seem right. He seems to be doing pretty good. He's had diabetes and went blind almost immediately. Keep the dogs routine consistent and give the insulin at the same time day and night(7:00am & 7:00pm) for example. Had him for 11 1/2 years and he's always been there for me so I'll make sure I'm always there for him.

  10. We’ve also had her on a low fat RX diet since we got the diagnosis and her eating times are on a very strict schedule. Our vet had us go through a couple insulins and it seems like Novolin has been working just needs altering a unit up here. A unit down there. Every month or so It seems.

  11. I totally understand your guilt but in time it will fade. They will find other assistance in your place. If you wanted you could offer some off hours care - babysitting or occasional help. Give advance if you can and enjoy the time you have with the family while you’re with them.

  12. If the car in front of you is breaking, you should be breaking too. —— additional note: keep a bubble around you.

  13. I feel for those people who use those Walmarts for prescriptions. I have a diabetic dog who needs Novolin N insulin that is $50-100 other places but only $20something at Walmart Pharmacies. I can only imagine this isn’t the only medication that was cheaper through Walmart.

  14. Any thoughts of what the morning roads might look like with the snow/rain/hail today then below freezing temps tonight?

  15. I believe that Gen Z so far has the best opportunity to grow to make some fundamental changes simply because they have something we didn’t - a generation behind them that really supports them and believes in them.

  16. As an early childhood provider, I wish there was a simple solution. Because yes the price of childcare is absolutely hard on the families but also the childcare workers really deserve to be paid more than we already are. It’s been a battle in most US states I’ve lived in to find somewhere that will pay an actual livable wage.

  17. Hoping this is the beginning of more strikes. Public Educators strikes. Medical field strikes. Customer service industry strikes. Childcare Educator strikes. Little raises in pay here and there are just bandaid fixes to a massive fundamental problem. Here’s to hoping for some actual change for the working people! May the city workers get every little thing they deserve!

  18. I would suggest checking the terms of your lease agreement.

  19. My lease says that by submitting a maintenance request that is deemed as permission for the landlord and repair team to have access to our space (shrug) very vague.

  20. Gortex shell, wool layers underneath, change of clothes just in case. Gloves that can block the wind or even those glove handle bar attachments not sure what they are called. Rain pants are probably a good idea as well. Some folks might say do a puffer jacket or vest instead of wool but I prefer wool for its moisture wicking and natural water resistance but Im also a bit biased towards wool so do what works for you. In general though even folks that prefer mostly tech fabrics will still suggest merino wool baselayers. Layering is always the best way to go since you can add or remove layers as needed.

  21. I definitely think managers think differently than Employees. My one job where I was management I was pulled aside by my higher up to tell me I couldn’t treat the employees with so much grace. That if we give them an inch they will take a mile and walk all over us - not exact words but along those lines - where I believed if you treat your employees with respect and understanding and support them more than just make demands and throwing them a paycheck. Quit that job quickly.

  22. Moved here at 24 because I was so depressed in Indiana and needed a break. I like to say I didn’t pick Portland but Portland picked my fiancé and myself because we were literally on our way to go move to Seattle. Stayed at a hotel for a night and never left. ((Portland. No that hotel. Found housing quickly!!haha))

  23. I started using Advantis as soon as I moved to Portland and have loved it. You can get a cash back checking account and their savings is pretty good too. I’ve never had a problem with their customer service or the service on location.

  24. Thank you for the input! I’m actually in the mist of searching for a dermatologist today to make an appointment for other issues but I will definitely be bringing this up with them too. Didn’t even think of that!

  25. Have you tried ‘and that’s why we drink’ the hosts Em and Christine are so funny and relatable! They do a paranormal story and a true crime story in each episode😊

  26. I love And That’s Why We Drink! I dove in to that podcast when I quit Morbid! I love how professional and casual they are the same time. They are definitely staying in my rotation but I need a break from true crime stuff right now - sorry to Christine haha

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