1. Not really open to commissions yet wanna step my game up a ton before then sorry

  2. 5 helmets in one month??? Are you suffering from PTSD after having carried a nuke through a wormhole?

  3. Yh probably but think I would have even worse PTSD if I decided to blow them all up XD thanks tho got some airbrush chrome on the way so things are gonna be very shiny for my next build

  4. How much filament do they use and what are the print times like?

  5. Probs about 400-500g and it varies from model to model but I would say it took me about 2 days to get a full helmet printed

  6. Battle damage is supposed to actually be real damage not just painted to look like damage

  7. There are 2 large gashes on the faceplate they are not just painted on

  8. I start at 80 grit all the way up to 1000 on the bare plastic then just some standard filler primer and 600 grit back up to 1000 wet sanding

  9. I like the anycubic for the engraving feature…unless that can be done w any printer

  10. You could get a laser attachment but it all depends what you are going to be making I only really make prop helmets and blasters so I wouldn't have any use for an engraver really. You should 100% post some of your builds when u decide what you are getting tho.

  11. Love all the different helmets you’ve been posting! :)

  12. Yooo that sanding must have taken more time than anything else of this helmet!

  13. I am dumb I don't know how 3d printers work I just thought of a normal printer that uses inks lol.

  14. Jesus that looks so realistic, what did you do to the helmet to make it look so good?

  15. Took me a while to realize the glass cabinet. Nice weathering you got going there. Did you make it to fit your head or just for display?

  16. Thanks a ton and yh it fits me I just haven't added padding yet

  17. Looks great. You did a fantastic job. I have been wanting to tackle the entire suit but have been a little afraid too.

  18. I want to do a full suit but so much goes into getting the sizing right I wouldn't even know where to start lol

  19. That looks pretty fantastic to me. Didn’t overdo it, and it’s just enough to make it look like it’s been out for a few times. Well done!

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