1. got banned for saying something bad about florida

  2. Bro spoke gospel, but nobody knew what he was saying.

  3. I mean, it took me a second to understand but he aint speaking gospel

  4. If code's your user then i winn find you, i will rj you and i will do The Russian Step™ while spamming "ez" and saying i am the one who RK'S

  5. The only peak is when i was told to kms in aku's discord server, truly great

  6. ...yeah.... thats definitely what i meant and totally not sp boxing because its basic

  7. "hurr durr skill issue hurr durr vampire user ur bed" wrap you sound like a shitbrained toddler whose intestines are being slowly eaten alive by the microplastic conglomerate pseudolifeform which formed with an incomprehensibly low chance in your bloodstream and will now go on to reproduce after eating you alive and will slowly devour the entire world's population this is a warning it is coming it is coming we must pray for our survival i hate the antichrist i hate the antichrist i hate the antichrist

  8. No, thats a "game mechanic" according to Uzukee.

  9. A guy told me i was "bug abusing" for "abusing" the lingering hitboxes (i still have no idea what hitboxes he was talking about)

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