To arrest teenagers for jaywalking

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  1. Wish this show had done better. I feel like if there'd been some air between Atlantis and Universe, not to mention BSG, it would have been fine. Imagine going straight from Adam West Batman to Christopher Nolan Batman.

  2. Do the one from that NYT op-ed from a few years back.

  3. Didn't the Reptilians talk in English? I think it was the insectoids that talked like that.

  4. They immediately struck me as reminiscent of

  5. Wasn't the thing about the Breen suits something one of the Weyouns said to some Federation prisoners? Not exactly a reliable source of information, especially given it was to Federation prisoners and not privately with the Founders (not sure I'd trust it even if he said it privately to Cardassians).

  6. The Schisms aliens could also explain what's going on with Jack, that he's suffering from a ton of Schisms aliens experimentation from a very early age.

  7. In a vacuum the mature city of homeowners has incentive to create as much demand for housing as possible without increasing supply. You increase property taxes through home value and sales tax through being THE place to be/buy stuff. Cities which do this need to be fined for the externalities they pass onto their neighboring communities

  8. Had this problem a month ago and it wouldn't go away so i splashed on a new phone. Then a week or 2 after, I noticed the notification was gone (I was solely wirelessly charging at that point) so now I have 2 working phones.

  9. It's most likely crud in the port that eventually fell out on its own.

  10. Real answer. Because my s10 had the same problem. Turn the phone off, plug it in while off. Then turn it on while it's plugged in

  11. Yes they shouldn’t ride on the sidewalks, but there needs to be better options so that riders choose those instead. The only bike lanes near the mall are on crappy roads, aren’t easily accessible, and are just as often blocked by pedestrians waiting at a stoplight.

  12. Also the 10 mph speed cap on shared scooters guarantees sidewalk riding. It's objectively unsafe to be out in the street when you're throttled that low and you feel like a sitting duck in a way that you just don't at 15 mph (pretty much every other city mandates a 15 mph, not 10 mph).

  13. 1987 had a lot of huge cars like the town car, Buicks and I forgot what else

  14. At least you actually had forward visibility though. And the fronts weren't designed to maul people.

  15. Free ? Insurance is just as much or a tad bit shy of rent sometimes and u still have to pay rent

  16. Insurance has literally nothing to do with paying for the curb space.

  17. From the start I was certain the original timeline would come back as soon as the Kelvin movies ran their course, so I'm counting them as ancillary media. I don't mean that in a bad way, they were fine, I just wouldn't categorize them as mainline, and my certainty it'd be left behind proved true.

  18. Well the main timeline kept the destruction of Romulus, so they weren't really left behind I'd say.

  19. The Google street view image from September 2021 of this atm shows similar damage.

  20. This is a perfect example of two guys having a bad day and taking it out on some kids

  21. Especially since it's federal Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco officers. Zero reason for them to be involved with a traffic offense at all beyond potentially detaining the people until local law enforcement shows up, but I'm pretty sure even that much is a can not a must.

  22. Good. Our law enforcement departments let us down in a HUGE way. They took hundreds of millions of our dollars and let Metro slide into hell while they sat in their cars outside the stations.

  23. LASD literally said "we're not going to let a bus company tell us how to deploy our resources" when asked why they mostly just stay in their patrol cars. Like, uh, then don't fucking take a contract to patrol a bus system?

  24. There really needs to be an auxiliary to the police department that handles this type of thing. I had a similar experience reporting a stolen bike and it would just be nice if I could call someone to get a report for insurance rather than dealing with an actual cop.

  25. I like how it's so inconceivable that we could make cops do the jobs they're paid for that people jump right to suggesting auxiliaries to do their jobs for them.

  26. What makes you think she’s going to rock that boat?

  27. Look at NYC, NYPD literally took de Blasio's daughter hostage just for publicly saying he talked to his black kid about the realities of getting stopped by cops while black.

  28. You lost me at Picard. How can you possibly watch that after season 2? My God man, where is your self respect?!

  29. Look, I certainly don't blame you if you don't want to give Picard another shot after season 2 but it's six out of ten episodes through season 3 and thus far it's been legitimately very good. I feel like they'll probably stick the landing this time given season 2 had gone completely off the rails by this point in the episode count.

  30. That's true, they were filmed at the same time so I just kind of assumed...

  31. Oh believe me, I was assuming the worst as well given the back-to-back filming. Among other things I've since learned that season 2 got screwed by COVID-caused production issues. I was also under the impression the showrunner situation was the same but apparently Terry Matalas was not nearly as heavily involved in season 2 after the first two episodes of season 2 (the best 2 of the season) as he is in season 3.

  32. I think about this all the time. Especially those large buildings that are ~100 feet from the edge. A big tsunami comes and wipes out the bottom layer of the bluffs and then the weight is too much...

  33. The point they ended at was perfectly fine, the crime was forcing them to get through the final season in only six episodes instead of the usual ten.

  34. Too many people going about web 3.0 with the metaverse. I used to get downvoted a lot in tech subs because of me just saying it's VR. VR is a fun toy, but you can't replace the efficiency of if a normal screen and emails and video chats. Don't need a head set for that, so any VR office world is just something majority of people won't care about.

  35. Gabe Newell correctly pointed out what was being described was just a VR MMO.

  36. One further. If I can sign up on my phone thru the app, I shouldn't have to use the website to cancel. I've had some things like that happen before. Like dafuq? I should be able to cancel whenever from whatever portal I'm using your service through.

  37. Wait what? I thought ability to cancel through the app if that's how you signed up is pretty strictly enforced by Apple and Google, and that the only real way to evade it is to disable signing up through the app.

  38. Yeah that was a crazy sequence of events. I know you can't make it in politics without having a bit of an ego, but having the MTA be competently run is the biggest W you can possibly take as governor of New York, and it's insane that Cuomo was willing to mess that up

  39. Cuomo has the same basic personality as Trump, who also cannot stand underlings getting positive attention because of an inability to understand that it reflects well on you for picking the person getting all the positive attention.

  40. I always use a case because I feel the phone is too slippery without it.

  41. Also pretty much impossible to hold the phone without accidental input without a case. And this isn't new, this has been an issue since my S3/S4.

  42. I would 🙃 if they actually got Shatner for this season.

  43. They are cornered into an absolutely no-win situation, everyone is doomed, 45 seconds left in the final episode.

  44. The Sisko shows up and smacks Q Vadic in the mouth. Q Vadic is never heard from again.

  45. Not at all. There are 3 more books that the show never covered.

  46. It was a natural stopping point though given the time jump in the books. The far bigger issue was making them cram the final season into 6 episodes, it's very obvious how rushed it is (plus the alien planet stuff that never goes anywhere given all the cuts they had to make, but was apparently done anyhow to set up possible spinoffs).

  47. Wait... you're telling me it's worth watching picard again? I watched season 1 and just sort of didn't bother watching season 2 (SGU all over again for me... too big of a 'this isn't why I watch this show' vibe)

  48. I've heard people say Picard season 2 works a lot better if you just watch the first two and last two episodes. Not sure how much that depends on already knowing what happens to be able to skip the middle six, but basically a lot of nothing happens in the middle and the meat of the season is in those four episodes.

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