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  1. Same im not sure what happened

  2. Eventually i contacted them and it wasn't helpful, nothing changed. I also can't find them to the spots i used to farm them. What can i say..

  3. definitely contact support if u cant find it anywhere

  4. Alright ill do that, thank you for the response :)

  5. And even when i fix the issue it doesn't connect again, so i have to close the window and start again.

  6. Did they update the models? These look different from what I'm seeing in live realm

  7. Maybe they did, male's skull looks slightly different than female's in the picture, as i noticed.

  8. What about Baron Mordecai? He also drops Halloween great, but idk what his rates are. His drop pool is smaller than Nightshade.

  9. He does yes, i just personally prefer Nightshade because i feel like its more easier (?) and you can easily find people to run it with you.

  10. Oh my :0 Awesome! Which pack is this?

  11. See? People weren't trolling after all. I was with you in the fight as well, great that you finally got it :)

  12. Heidi in Heidi's Hideout, Gutenstadt-Karamelle drops the tc, but i have 4 i can give you. Is there any chance you have Winged Sorrow tc?

  13. I’ve just reached the part of the game where this is relevant. Is there a decent way to get stone blocks? I can’t find them in the bazaar.

  14. Crab Alley is a good farming spot for stone blocks too (+switching realms)

  15. March 10th if i remember correctly

  16. At some point, while playing the game, i thought that a second teleport mark would be useful. So i think that one will be interesting.

  17. I also felt bad for him. Because of his backstory. He had to deal with the absence of his mother and his cruel dad and eventually turned like him.

  18. I can give them to you for free if you're still interested

  19. Alright then. Ill be online in a few minutes. Ill wait in the commons inside the pond, Centaur realm. Nora Death is my name.

  20. They look really nice! I would like to see Kraken.

  21. So far i really like the "Accomplished... Something" badge. It sounds funny

  22. Gold and black would be a nice option too

  23. I have it left side of the screen, above the health and mana globes. It is also a little expanded on its top, so i can fully see conversations, but its not a lot expanded on its sides so it doesn't bother me while im playing.

  24. I’ve gotten a few from the final fight so I assume all are possible.

  25. Here's the link from the website to check it out :)

  26. Yes we got free membership at 9th Of December. We still have some days free, i think its until 20 or 21 Of December.

  27. Oh yes, which sometimes i find it frustrating because i wanna do things and i stay behind.

  28. Spent it to other tcs and reagents

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