1. When I think of all the cells I've lost whilst saving up for the forge....

  2. Can you do that???? Are you not forced to use them before the boss fight?

  3. Why not just do a custom game with Interloper settings and 1 thing changed, like spawn during a blizzard at night or sometihng.

  4. You can still find knives and guns! Totally defeats the spirit

  5. You can turn off guns specifically and if you have resource availability set to low, no knives, I thought?

  6. Since I just recced this in the “pretentious” recs in this sub... Dhalgren by Delany

  7. This doesn't work bc we only get feed value if it kills the last one.

  8. May Neow grant you a blissful rest

  9. I'm that guy, but I read on my phone so I blend in much easier

  10. Too real! I can more or less waltz through the game and then choke to HotK every time! My only other problem is I can't resist the cursed chest in fractured Shrines!

  11. I got them all except the handheld game lol. Let me go read which one is this.

  12. Fuck the egg game! I also lack only that stupid goddamned cheevo

  13. True gains can only come once the ego has been silenced. Thus spake Brodin

  14. I lack the reflexes and presence of mind to kick a grenade but damned if that doesn't sound badass as hell. HROTguy is so cool!

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