crushing a bullet with hammer

*Lowers face into palm*

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. Le gouvernement devrait faire un financement pour les cours en soin de sante comme il ont fait pour les metier informatique. Il pourrait aussi cree des aec pour ses metiers la pas besoin de cours de francais collegiale ou de cours de phylosophie pour devenir infirmier, le cours t'apprend deja comment rediger des rapports et avoir un bon sens du jugement.

  2. What are they gonna do? Hit me with some bread?

  3. Male dolphins will kill baby dolphins that aren't theirs so that the can mate with the mother. That's why female dolphins mate with every male dolphins around them so that every male dolphins around her think that they are the father and protects the baby

  4. Both of them are dumbasses. The friend can't drive and the cameraman can't hold a damn camera to save his life.

  5. Would be surprised if he didn't have at least a broken rib. That bull slamed the shit out of him.

  6. Damn, not a great place to get shot. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  7. C'est exactement ça mais malheureusement je n'ai pas le nom du propriétaire ou son numéro de téléphone.

  8. Si l'appartement est bien entretenue par les proprietaires (Couloir lavez, reparation fait dans un delais raisonnable, Renovation fait lorsque necesaire) c'est pas si pire comme augmentation. Par contre, si rien est fait et qu'il veut augmenter tant que cela je considerais aller voir ailleur.

  9. I really don't get the purpose of that. Was he dared to do this or was the wire supposed to be cut and they decided to use the most stupid way to do it?

  10. Lineman here. Some times to have to cut cable and there is no way to prove that it’s been de-energized. We use what’s called a remote cutter so we can get back to a safe distance and if something bad happens we will be safe. My fucking jaw dropped when I saw this. Also an electrical arc flash can reach temps up to 35,000 degrees.

  11. Could still be alive, I have seen people survive some pretty insane shit. She will have some severe trauma though.

  12. Bad convoy. They are supposed to have escorts and military personnel blocking the roads, you can't just drive like you own the place and expect everyone to respect that. Would have been better if the Russian military vehicle was destroyed, less equipment for the Russians is always good news in my book.

  13. Maybe so, I never went to Russia so I don't really know the mentality there. Still is bad practice regardless.

  14. Could be testicular or prostate cancer. Other thing could be bladder cancer but the blood is mostly gonna come out when you pee. There could also be a tear somewhere between the testicles and the urethra. Definitely go to the ER STAT.

  15. Burns by steam cause so much damage in a fraction of a second it's insane. Surprised if you didn't have at the very least a third-degree burn.

  16. Stunts and wheelies should stay far away from residential areas and locations where other vehicles drive. There are locations you can rent to do stuff like that. You could also go to the countryside near woods or dirt tracks to do these things.

  17. Y'all seriously need to stop talking about her ass since most likely she is a minor, there's a thing in Israel called Mada for teens where you practise and learn to work in health care and I'm 90% sure that's what the logo on her back is. Also, she literally looks like 15?

  18. surprised she wasn't knocked the fuck out. That must have hurt like a bitch.

  19. It's so stupid, honestly. Literally, could've stepped around and not TRAMPLE A CHILD. I don't give a fuck if it's their job to stay on course or a set path or whatever, it's still straight up trash behavior and I genuinely hope they feel bad about themselves. I don't understand why British royalty and all the dumb, asinine bullshit surrounding them still exist. They both look and behave like fucking idiots.

  20. The thing is it's not a regular job. The royal guards are part of the military, if they disobey it can lead to serious consequences. I know the mentality is stupid and old, but it is a very known fact that you do not mess with the royal guards and you do not get in their way.

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