1. IME it means she going to molt or wants privacy. Just leave her alone and dont worry this may take some time. One of mine burried herself for 6 months.

  2. I would say 10 gal is max. If your buying a adult but if your getting a sling you can turn any little plastic thing into an enclosure but if you want something that is actually made to hold an animal critter keepers are cheap and good and tarantula cribs has some nice ones but are pricey.

  3. NQA nope, tarantulas will go on hunger strikes for months somtimes. But she could be in premolt.

  4. How often do they molt? I've been curious about it

  5. IME depends on the size and species. But it as a sling probably every few months and adults once or twice a year

  6. A geniculata, N chromatus, A seemanni, N coloratovillosus

  7. NQA Good that you ordered new substrate but make sure to fill it half way. Get rid of they heat lamp and don't bother with a heat pad or anything like that. They can cook your tarantula alive.

  8. What kind of t is that? It’s so cute and chunky ❤️

  9. Ours is a sling right now, so he's in a takeaway cup until we move him into a smaller version of something like this soon, but trying to think ahead - is this a good enclosure for them? picking a good enclosure/setup is what i'm most nervous about, i really want him to have a nice home... the XL sixe is 12x12x18, is that too big or around the right size?

  10. IME sime slings molt quite often and it is molting season so you may be getting another molt soon

  11. You can use springtails but GBBs are a dry species while springtails need some moisture so they might not thrive. You do not need to mist it just make sure it has a water dish

  12. IMO this is an adult male definitely not a she and the red is totally normal

  13. Thank you! I have an anxiety disorder and was beginning to worry - the extra verification is much appreciated!

  14. NA I also had an anxiety attack my first time.... Projectile vomiting and a panic over a molting tarantula was not fun. (on medication now lol)

  15. Hey guys, so I guess a super worm escaped that I was not aware of and ended up burrowing and turning into a cockroach, I’m just wondering what the best course of action is to take. Should I leave it for my T to hunt and eat or should I remove it? Can these breed if there are other escaped super worms in here? And can it hurt my T? Let me know what is recommended, I know this might be kind of a stupid question but I just want to do what is best for my T.

  16. it turned into a beetle not a roach and if your T isnt hungry i would remove it

  17. is it 1 ant per sling or will they be able to team up. because if they team up i think the ants would team up on each tarantula one by one but if its 1 and per 1 sling i think they slings would just eat the ants.

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