1. Mine unpair often but even with that annoyance I still really like them. Especially when you can usually get them on sale.

  2. I think the main one in the photo is someone standing to the right. Or this dude legit has 2 left hands.

  3. Man, I keep coming back to this post. This looks like the best pizza from the western New York area and what I am trying to accomplish myself. I have Lloyd pan that recently arrive and I am going to try this dough recipe and see if I can make it happen. If I can accomplish this my recipe/cooking method would be set in stone.

  4. Yes, 12" square Sicilian pan, right on the rack.

  5. I play with some noobs who drop the ball and let it bounce before hitting and serving the ball. Is that legal?

  6. Not only is it legal, all the other service rules are for the most part void. You do not need to worry about the belly button height or swinging underhand, etc.

  7. As a proud member of Bills Mafia, I approve of the design. Market these in Buffalo and you are probably set.

  8. Can you put the parts that need cleaning in the dishwasher? I’ve seen conflicting info on that.

  9. Very detailed post but it is still the most common post on this sub. Everyone is going to recommend the paddle they play and say it meets your needs. Anyone who doesn't is going to tell you to test out a bunch and see what you like. No one can answer this for you unfortunately.

  10. That won't work either for two reasons. PS games will require playstation server blades. Millions of them.

  11. Well Sony working with Microsoft is almost as crazy as any other option. I am definitely not holding my breath but its a pipe dream.

  12. What operating system do you think they develop their games on? Bet you its windows. They’ve been working with MS for decades now in so many ways…

  13. If you want to call an operating system on a workstation a form of a partnership, I'm not sure what to tell you. That's a bit of a stretch in most people's eyes.

  14. For 300 more you can get one that will actually help you. Or you save 900 and get one that is inaccurate (Garmin). For my money, I'd find the extra cash since you are so close. Mevo+ if you have the room, Skytrak if you don't.

  15. Yes quality is different with different devices. All the options you listed will work but you need to make the decision as to what is acceptable to you.

  16. I just did a quick Google search and couldn’t find anything about calling them sticks. I’m thoroughly confused.

  17. Maybe combine your multiple threads since they are the same. It would be easier for everyone.

  18. You comment on your first post instead of creating new each time you have something to add.

  19. I bought 2 packs last year. 1 of them has a stuck power button and does not turn on and another just doesnt light up at all. I still like the way they look when they do work but I would not purchase again.

  20. If not the British, I would almost guarantee that the deal runs for Father's Day.

  21. My TV is using a different google account than my stadia account and I found that I can open the app on my phone and then trigger it to play on the TV from there.

  22. My dough comes out too dense most of the time. I am trying my hardest to get a more airy dough and you killed it. Id love to know your recipe and cooking method.

  23. I am still a beginner, but this is basically 80% hydratation dough, cold fermented for 48 hours. After I take it out of the frige I fold it once more and let it raise on room temperature until it's tripled in size.

  24. The Bengals are going to miss the playoffs this year. Zero chance they are a top team. That was a flukey run that will not be replicated.

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