1. What’s the app rate for the millorganite in step two and four? And what date is step two?

  2. I'm not sure to be honest. I wrote this based on my own experiences/knowledge.

  3. Looking to purchase a power washer that can both power wash a stamped concrete patio, but is also safe to use on a car.

  4. The fees are extremely low cost, and will vary with who you choose. Fidelity and Vanguard are highly recommended. You can view the costs on their sites directly.

  5. Thank you so much for the suggestion, I think I will probably go with this so I don't have to stress out over managing it myself.

  6. If you choose vanguard, you can elect e-statements and they waive the $20 fee.

  7. No, you are only eligible for individual, she doesn't count since she has other health coverage.

  8. The wife does not have family coverage. Therefore this doesn't apply.

  9. What are the consequences of this though? Other than a ding against my credit. Won’t the bank just turn around and sell the car in auction and cut their losses?

  10. There are direct buses with reserved seats between Rome and Positano that should be running during that timeframe (they might stop for the season at some point in September...not sure). It's a few hours, but overall much less hassle than the train (which would be a train to Naples, then a commuter train to Sorrento, then a packed bus to the coast itself). Doing that is the only way that I'd consider two days on the coast worthwhile, since going via Sorrento is just too much hassle to justify for just a couple nights.

  11. I think that would be pretty realistic. I visited Italy with my partner last year, and while we chose another location over the Almafi coast, we did see Rome.

  12. Thanks for the input. How many days did you spend in Rome and did you feel it was a sufficient amount of time?

  13. I'm missing an icon from the App drawer, and can't figure out what it is following the update.

  14. I did remove the filter when it was surging and it kept doing it.

  15. Sounds like the carb. Most places will clean it for $20 in a day or two.

  16. I just drained the gas for kicks and bought fresh and that was no resolve. I know you didn't suggest that but I needed more gas anyhow. How do you prevent the carb from getting dirty? Should it already be dirty after a month?

  17. It's unlikely but possible. If the mower is brand new, can you exchange it?

  18. Newmarket, Ontario Canada

  19. I would worry more about your N-P-K levels. Fertilize for a couple months and re-test to see if it has affected your micronutrients.

  20. You could put Milorganite down every month.

  21. Thanks. I will give that a go!

  22. Let it go. Red thread suggest a N deficiency. It's purely cosmetic and will grow out. If it's really bothering you use some starter fert. The N will cure it.

  23. Yeah I just had a 30-0-6 applied 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately it didn't seem to help. Threw down some Milorganite last weekend, and just sent out a soil savvy test.

  24. I'd grab a hedge trimmer and trim it all down. Then I'd clean out all the major debris(trunks, rocks, etc.). I'd then mow it all down. I'd mow it until fall. Just keeping a handle on it. Then in the fall, I'd round-up all of. Throw down some seed, and peat moss. And water.

  25. I have the edgeguard DLX. But assuming it's the same drop rate, this puts me at approximately 5.5 on the spreader to do a cross pass. First pass is north-south, second is east-west.

  26. Did you not read my post? I understand it is one yard- but I thought I made it clear how it was effectively sectioned into four.

  27. I understand it may be effectively sectioned, and that it may be easier to use 4 separate controllers.

  28. OK - but I am honestly trying to understand why. If the software effectively makes multiple controllers appear as one - and you understand that cost is not the issue - then what?

  29. Really it's 4 points of failure, 4 eye sores, and just doesn't make sense to me.

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