1. God, could you imagine Gretzky and Lemieux playing with a defense that could move the puck (and not just one dman)?

  2. First time I heard her sing "Have you never been mellow" , I simply fell in love with her voice. Then when I heard her sing " I honestly love you" I felt she was singing that just for me.

  3. These two songs along with Magic and Xanadu just made her sound so magical.

  4. "Allow me to introduce myself. Gus Polinski. Polka King of the Midwest."

  5. Everyone loves the hit, “Polka, Polka, Polka!”

  6. It’s amazing that nightblades have always been perfectly balanced and sometimes buffed.

  7. The next three months should be interesting. The developers are making a game they want to play - not a game their consumers want to play. But I don’t expect them to change anything until they have 6-12 months of a declining player base.

  8. Anakin: “I delivered your message and then decided to rescue you.”

  9. As another player frustrated with combat and the upcoming changes, this is not a criticism - that's a rant

  10. What I enjoyed about Prey was the victims getting a shot in before getting skewered. For me, this gave those characters the feel of being dangerous.

  11. The fact that he and Trammell weren’t inducted together continues to bother me. He’s a Hall of Fame-caliber player, full-stop, and it’s wild that MLB at large continues to ignore his accomplishments (likely because he wasn’t a media darling).

  12. I think Lou should be in the HOF (though I see the argument against inclusion), but it was a travesty he was eliminated after the first year.

  13. Last Man Standing is easy to win when your opponent doesn’t have legs anymore

  14. We’re just gunna go out into the field my dude. And shoot some prey my guy

  15. I'd say it had Traci Lords career performance, but well, I'm old enough to remember her OG career performance.

  16. I’m sorry for your loss. My girls are happy to make a new friend.

  17. Yep, party switched demographics somewhere in the mid-20th century.

  18. Demographics switched during the Civil Rights Movement. As the South said, "We didn't leave the Democrats; they left us."

  19. Yeah, that makes sense, so it's now ok for the prosecutors in that case to have the texts, but does that necessarily make it ok for them to give copies to other people?

  20. Really would love to see him as a WR coach. White Lightening still had it when we let him go. Always had some great energy too. As others have also stated, his body control was insane. They like to call AB "two toes" but that title needs to go to Jordy.

  21. He’s busy helping his sister coach girls’ high school basketball.

  22. I was planning on being a teacher when I was leaving high school. One of my favorite teachers found out in my senior year my plan and grabbed my by the shoulders and told me to not teach. The pay is awful, they were treated awful, and she has to have two jobs to pay the mortgage. When I went to college my counselor who was a teacher there confirmed what she said, saying he only can teach cause he owns a business and he’s rich, otherwise he’d be on stamps for what the college pays him. So there went that plan.

  23. I just finished year ten of teaching. No teacher would recommend anyone enter the field. I think most teachers would leave if they could figure out a career if they left the field.

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