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  1. Whats your in game name? We're looking for one person to start now

  2. This was a big anxiety for me because I’m a rule follower to a fault—I went through the same thing, there’s like one line about it on their website and that’s it. I visited back in September and they didn’t ask for any of that. Honestly KEF was busy enough, they only asked one question and I don’t think they were hardly listening anyway. Just know where you’re staying and how long, that’s probably all they’ll ask.

  3. See that was the only reason i worried about it. It was just a one off line with no explanation. If they actually explained anything about it or said what the requirement might be i wouldnt have worried. Its just the thought that oh there might be a rule, but we wont tell you anywhere what that rule is.

  4. Every country has this requirement for tourists or non-immigrant visitors. Almost no one ever checks. I'm on my fourth passport of travel and no one has ever stopped to ask me but in theory they could. Usually, showing credit cards, prebooked hotels and prepurchased return airfare is sufficient.

  5. Ok that is comforting, we leave tomorrow and just double checking i had everything.

  6. Do you have a link/game or other guidance to that build? I’d like to try fast castle with culture wing but I always make too many units and end up with late castle so a build order would be great…

  7. Cant speak much about the mongols, but as a ottoman main it is a hard match up. Like you said get enough gold to age up and build a few knights and then give up on the gold for a little bit, luckily the ottomen spears are going to show up pretty late so that actually isn’t much of a threat. Build a early archer range to deal with the spears when you age up.

  8. I got mine a week ago. You need to email them dude - the main email and copy the event organiser.

  9. I emailed the main address Saturday, but i just emailed the event organizers email and they responded almost immediately with my code thank you!

  10. Can you please share the event organizers email? I, too, am not able to upload to BCP.

  11. If you go to the bcp page for the event, it will have an option to email the event organizer, it doesnt actually share the email for privacy though.

  12. Will the jab thrower be enough to kill the rams, if the bring more than three rams my towers get killed pretty quick

  13. You will need to pull villagers. It is a skill being able to do it correctly without losing to many of the villagers, but the jav throwers with melt through the long bowman so your villagers should be mostly safe.

  14. France vs English in my opinion is kinda really easy. I think i have like a 90% win rate with it.

  15. I definitely would like the Sanguinary Priest, and would probably do without the Dreadnought; if you really want a Librarian a normal one will work fine and free up points for other things.

  16. I would definitely do the priest, i will also add that i would forgo the jump pack on the priest, it is really expensive and not necessarily needed. You only need to keep him in range of your units for 2 turns so he doesnt need to be super fast.

  17. Jump pack is useful because turn 1 he can grant assault doctrine to the DC for their pregame move, then turn 2+ he can link up with the SG to improve their resilience.

  18. Yeah but i would rather use the points for an additional SG and just plan out my movements better. Besides depending on what your being shot by, an extra body adds more resilience then the 6 up and way more compact potential.

  19. If you are doing anything below grade, it's worth calling the number to have them mark stuff. Not worth risking hitting a cable or worse, a gas line. And they can be anywhere. They should also be able to give advice on how far away from the box to put your garden boxes.

  20. I have had them come out once before, there is no gas, water, or power lines in the area, only the fiber optic. My beds are going to be completely above ground so i dont have to worry about hitting anything.

  21. Outback is the best place we've found also. Although we have not tried it at saltgrass or 1800 Prime.

  22. I've lived here six years and sadly Outback is the best I've found. They always get medium-rare right and they have fresh-ground horseradish. I got it at Logan's once and it was way overcooked and they just had some nasty creamy horseradish flavored crap that did not go well with it at all.

  23. I went to outback here once, just got a sirloin steak and it wasnt great, maybe i will give them another try.

  24. You reckon Kal is more powerful than a Herald with his honorblade? Vasher more powerful than fully Invested Susebron? I do agree that's a team of very serious and capable warriors, that's how I built it, but I think other teams are superior in other aspects.

  25. You also said they all have similar amount of investiture, so susebron and vasher should have the same amount of breaths. which if that is the case vasher would destroy him without contest

  26. Especial cases are marked with a *, Susebron and Hoid. The first one because he has the breath stockpile, the second because... Well, we don't know exactly how Invested Hoid is, or what invested resources he may possess. In both cases the amount of Investiture they have is defining of the character to a significant degree, so I decided to set them this way for this scenario.

  27. Opps my bad i didnt notice that. That would makes a lot more sense. that much breaths does make him more of a equal to a lot of people on that list.

  28. Should probably also add, less sentient, but a lot more blood thirsty especially when it came to orcs.

  29. I am planning on running my first campaign in person post covid and this would be the perfect boost to that plan! GIVEAWAY

  30. You can apply some immediately available non-syntehic liquid fertilizer. Check out Gary on The Rusted Garden YouTube channel.

  31. I thought that. But i was just reading all this stuff about waiting a week or two to fertilize or keeping to low nitrogen, but none of them talked about slow release so i wasnt sure.

  32. You forgot to mention how said tyrannical usurper was actively trying to kill him and he still followed her

  33. From everything i looks up no reason to kill them. Even saw some pure black lady bug looked exactly like these.

  34. The opposite of reason to kill them.

  35. Yeah thats what I plan on doing. This is just my first year having a space for a garden and already lost one tomato plant due to disease so i am just trying ti be more proactive. But i am gonna trust the lady bugs to take care of the aphids and just keep on eye on it.


  37. Man i remember getting that game as a kid a little after it came out and being so excited. Deleted so many stuff to get it installed on the family desktop then couldnt even load past the title screen. Still haven’t played it to this day.

  38. You gotta go back and do it! If you like ac4 - black flag, this is the game for you!

  39. They take it in shifts, when the birds sleep the golden’s watch will begin.

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