1. Dawg the poster sold out quick but the vinyl was up for like 3 days how did you not see it. You probably won’t have a hard time finding the vinyl at a reasonable price but good luck with the 7inch.

  2. That sounds like Page to me, but I’m just some guy and wasn’t there 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Could be, he would have to be playing that along with the Rhodes and talking lady.

  4. They only have 16 left, so it should sell out within a couple hours.

  5. Yikes! I hope everybody that wants one gets one in case they aren’t sold anywhere else. Gotta look out for my people!!

  6. If you’re only gonna have it for a year or two- phred. If you want it long term- PRs.

  7. I don’t know what time long set started but there was only 5 minutes between its start and ALS so I’d assume 1:55 or so

  8. This is great! My wife knows how much I love that gold shirt and has searched to buy me one for years! Still no luck, lol!

  9. Fantastic! I would definitely recommended seeing them next time they come within an hour of your town

  10. Why do people care what others do is what I don’t understand. 75 percent of the time I don’t partake but I don’t gaf if others do.

  11. IMO it was obnoxious and getting a little bit out of control, I would have no problem with it if they were chill like weed and acid people

  12. So it’s really just about what you like.

  13. Maybe so maybe not, I personally don’t really see a problem with anyone at shows other than chompers and balloon assholes haha

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