1. Both imagined a world without possessions

  2. I mean how do you not remember your former colonies

  3. "Watch an episode of South Park for more education on genders"

  4. so called pro-lifers when they have to kill gnats because it's invading their isopod colony

  5. It was around the tail end of the dark ages, after the year 1000 you had more peoples with written languages, like England and Denmark, so it was fading fast by 1054

  6. The weird thing is that the supernova 50 years prior was recorded in many churches, but this was the year of the great schism so the churches probably had more important shit to write about

  7. Yep, the Muslims in Baghdad and the Chinese astronomers did. (also some of the Mesoamericans did too)

  8. Okay time for a interesting etymology and biology lesson (etymobiology?)

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