1. Yeah, having spent years in Italy I was prepared to be disappointed in Leichhardt, and sure enough I was. This is the woggy culture that doesn't resemble modern day Italy in anything but name. Weird how they can take a snapshot of culture, export it, and maintain it forever...

  2. Yeah, how dare they want to remind themselves of the country they left behind, the one they grew up in 🙄

  3. Barnaby literally said one in 3000 year flood (that area flooded again even worse four weeks later)

  4. Maybe because it’s that bad, it goes for longer than a month you durry munching meaty-ologist fuckhead

  5. I too can tag switch deleted the entire army then switch back to cap the points

  6. Apparently the haters will say its fake ... until I post a video proving it, btw I managed the same feat against France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain, the only one that I invaded that caused casualties was portugal (1.9k)

  7. Its a slithy tobe gimbling on the wabe

  8. What is this phrase from? It’s written on a stovey pole outside my house, walked past it every day for 5 years, still don’t know what it means

  9. Hi there, are you on the latest version if avast? Did you try a repair install?

  10. Yes, I have done a repair install and when that did not work I also did a clean reinstall on both my workstation and on a fresh laptop and the issue persists in both cases

  11. Nope, but I was on the doco :) Went to a lecture w/ the professor doing the detective work

  12. I'm urgently looking for a rental at the moment. The old owner sold and I was told I have 1 month to vacate (2 weeks ago...). I live and work full time in rural WA and am experiencing this at the moment, but as rentals are so scarce there have been >200 applications for every place that goes up. Looks like I will be living in a motel for the forseeable future.

  13. I have to provide 3 months notice for my tenants (which I think is fair), this is NSW law - not the same in WA?

  14. Streaky Bay/Ceduna usually quite good early March (it’s a little unpleasant in the winter) The Granites, Yanerbie Sandunes, Bairds Bay (Sealions), Murphy’s Haystacks and Sceales Beach are some places to think about

  15. Yet another: My *insert faith here* *insert relative* tried to *insert stupid thing to do that literally everyone who isn't living under a rock would agree is stupid*

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