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Chloe Kelly - Bouncing

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  1. Looks like another game that wants me to believe that old white men are the root of all evil. Hard pass.

  2. Das Bayern Spiel wird heute auch live übertragen auf skysport, angeblich kostenlos ab 17:50 Uhr.

  3. Doom has a very complex editor, you can basically make your own games that have nothing to do with the main game.

  4. why is so much misinformation upvoted? You dont have to pick stuff up one by one, did you even play the tutorial???

  5. wtf, people sending him stuff made the best content. from the sex doll to the hats and the gay biker gear and on and on.

  6. a pet means a lot of responsibility. that can be good and bad. keep in mind you might have to bring it to the vet if it gets sick, if you cant do that,dont even think about getting one.

  7. The cadence and delivery is somewhat like Darf, but that doesn’t mean it sounds like his voice. Other than that, it sounds nothing like Darf’s goofy ass voice.

  8. it sounds like darf trying to sound badass, thats what i meant. its not his everyday voice of course.


  10. Spoiler, he didn't feel any regret. You know damn well he expected her to see this and go "uwu" over it.

  11. your personality can only really grow with social interactions. all the normal people out there having countless of them each day. they grow and grow, their personality shaped to perfection. meanwhile we fall behind so much, having the mind of a teenager or worse a child in the body of an adult...thats the worst part. those years will never come back, you will never catch up. 😓

  12. never interact with the cool kids, they either plotted against you from the very beginning or they fuck you up once they notice your autism.

  13. the soles dont look like they just had a tennis match behind them. admit it, you just sat down and took a pic, there was no tennis involved 😂😂.

  14. That’s the best part, you don’t need to know anything. Just look at the biggest favorites on the day, and then bet the other team reverse run line or ML.

  15. why was this downvoted so heavily? lol. i know jack about baseball, for me this is encouraging 😁

  16. Thats pretty amazing, hope i will have this much luck one day. how many of those did you play until it hit?

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