One Piece: Chapter 1068

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  1. Ain't no way it's gonna be good. I will only believe it when I see it.

  2. Looking at your other posts, you have a serious obsession with feet and all things that come in contact with feet.

  3. Bruh I looked at his posts as well...he seems to have a specific fetish about straight up getting kicked in the balls.

  4. Stop browsing comments and catch up. If you haven't watched an anime and don't want spoilers never go in the comments

  5. How about just don't spoil it? at least keep it vague ffs

  6. I didn't spoil anything just letting people know that they can easily avoid spoilers with a small amount of effort

  7. I personally thought a child emperor made his sad story more sad. A cursed placed on him due to the actions of his parents or something and persecuted by the people because of it only to be brought back to eternally wander in search of friendship or something. Just some head canon

  8. Yeah Imo that was way better. Not sure why people would prefer him being a yordle. I always believed he was a child.

  9. He is just has an old champ design. If they just updated him it would work out better

  10. I still think Lucci is Admiral level, he went toe to toe with Luffy two years ago.

  11. Ain't no way lucci is admiral level. Just because they fought evenly long ago doesn't mean they trained with the same efficiency.

  12. Zoro and Luffy weren't equal at the beginning

  13. Yeah they were? They even fought one vs one in the bounty hunter island. Luffy only pulled way ahead when gears came into play. Before that they were either equal or luffy was slightly ahead.

  14. Renata and is not even close, Swain is being manipulated by the demon he think is controlling, Reanta crated herself, Swain got poisoned cheat codes he thinks will work forever

  15. I'm sure we're gonna get at the very least a psycher since they are an Iconic unit that's associated with a whole phase of the game. But I'm guessing a priest and an engineseer are also probably on the table.

  16. I wake up at 5am. That's more to do with my OCD, and morning rituals I need to do before I leave the house, or everyone on earth will die.

  17. I love my boy Zoro but it’d be a travesty to not give it to Sanji

  18. Zoro definitely wouldn't want it either way and ir fits sanji quite well. Now if sanji didn't want kt either I'd say ussop is the second best

  19. Yeah usopp is a great choice his damage and power would go up so much he would be able to have real one on one fights instead of clowning around breaking the rules of the world with nami while actual serious stuff goes on somewhere else

  20. Sad thing is ussop used to have proper 1v1s in the early days. Even Nami got those as well. I'm hoping we get to see them fight solo for a bit once more.

  21. This is the first time I actually get to paint a large amount of Minis on warhammer. I might be financially ruined by this purchase but you bet I will be posting a mass army pictutr once I'm done with this entire box haha

  22. Just don't abuse it please, things like this only last as long as people stay honest.

  23. Nah I was just surprised to hear that GW was THIS consumer friendly. My Cadia stands box is coming soon so I just wanted to know what to do in case the poster is damaged. Other than that as long as nothing is damaged I have no desire to get an extra one.

  24. Though temper your expectations. The "poster" is not a poster. It's an insert deliberately there to protect the product underneath from the sprues. In most cases, that insert should be damaged (at least, when you consider the tender love and care given packages by most shipping companies). It's just unfortunate that in a lot of cases, the product underneath is also damaged.

  25. Got my box today. Poster looked preety ok for me. Some minor scratches but no worries with anything else.

  26. Yeah this is stupid. 3 people had sex in a building. Ok? Wtf.

  27. At night behind close door. And one random idiot just decides to walk in and call the police???

  28. I think the problem is that a church is a public building. I don't agree with it, but that is the only thing I can think of that would make this not ok in the law's eyes.

  29. Well sure but if it was closed then why even bother snooping? I get the idea behind it but calling it indecent exposure when it was done in private then this is weird to me

  30. Bro how can birbs be trolling so hard? They are so smart I love it.

  31. The cracked ribs was a stupid injury that I caused all on my own doing a bad forward roll. It just hurts and takes time to heal. That was the only injury I sustained side from some bloody fingers and toes from gripping and stepping. I’d still recommend judo as a martial art and sport.

  32. Right now I am leaning towards judo. Even with the risk of injury I still really enjoyed watching the sport on the olympics for example. I'll just have to be careful not to hurt myself (or others) by mistake

  33. The only injuries I've ever received is scraped skin which happens mostly during ne waza (if you skin gets scrapped disinfect that shit and put on a plaster for a day or two, I didn't the first time and was bedridden for 1.5 months), bones muscles and skin hurting from being thrown (goes over in a couple days, warm water helps relax muscles) and a bruised ego..

  34. Oh I remember the costume. I thought this was a mod for the naruto game or something. But apparently it's real how did I not know this lol

  35. He was the special guest character for Ninja Storm 2. You used to be able to juggle with his Jutsu, which no other Naruto character could do, and his ultimate art was his 10 hit combo with a Zeus finisher

  36. Be like my dad and have an opinion about every race even his own. I don't go out in public with him for a reason.

  37. You don't go out in public with your dad? He is still your father you know spend time with him regardless of opinions.

  38. That man has “died” like three times before actually dying. If the 1st scene is his ass popping out in the air I won’t be shocked at all.

  39. Yeah I know. It just makes you wonder why do they keep killing him? At least if he comes back then I know nobody would be allowed to die lol

  40. Plot armour for real. He’s legit the main character of the series at this point.

  41. I know he is harada's favourite and all that. It's just weird that they keep killing him only to bring him back. At least let him be alive and leave it at that then xD

  42. Everyone hates every character. Just play how you want and have fun

  43. I would argue that too, but "not a mishima - not important" is a big trend, unless you're akuma lol

  44. That was always kinda stupid. Also making akuma a cannon story characters was also kinda stupid imo. It just made the story even more of a mess and raised so manu questions

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