1. I am sorry to inform that there’s nothing you can do in this case. Ornifex does have a grave you can visit but she’ll be stuck with her Shaded Woods dialogue. Unfortunately, you are locked out of her boss weapons for this NG cycle.

  2. One of my most favorite random names I have come across on the internet is Aegised my Virginity. I wanna see what you can come up with that.

  3. Dude, you asked for it already today and people gave you bunch of answers. What's the point of asking again?

  4. Instead of that why don't you just go to sleep

  5. I did eventually, I was having trouble sleeping and needed to take my mind off of it. I can only sleep when I’m doing something idk why.

  6. Pro tip: watch the most boring gameplay you can find while in bed, age of empires work for me

  7. Your next journey chosen one, upon ringing your first bell of awakening. Is to travel down below through an unlockable door guarded a sun bro.

  8. The PC servers are offline because of a dangerous exploit allowing hacking of other peoples computers. There's not been any news of them coming back since the original announcement of shutting them down.

  9. ahhhh I was too late... lol well I'm getting desperate for a beastman cleaver, cause the farm for it is killing me! but I'm about midgame, so idk if I have anything that great to trade

  10. or could I drop one to you from my other character, then you drop it to me from this one?

  11. Sorry, took me a sec to see your comment, my name is S, because I’m super creative, I’ll be there in a sec

  12. Not really a build but a challenge. Head run. Have the most heads. You can only attack with head items/spells. H E A D S

  13. Anguish, I can give you the sword anyways meet at elleh my red sign will be down and the password will be 1212

  14. Help you with the final boss yeah just give it an attempt or so first start to learn the ass beating then ill help

  15. Are you Still trading I want a dark moon greatsword if you have one

  16. I can in fact get you a Dark Moon Great sword! you’ll have to wait though, I’m not home yet.

  17. Do you have an Urumi you can drop me? I’ve got a couple fun weapons that would be great to make a build out of

  18. Annoying monsters that pop out of nowhere when you tryin to speed run and are easy to kill when you actually try

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