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Deputy Mufti of the Crimean Muftiat makes an appeal to Crimean Muslims and to all Muslims in russia, who are facing mobilization - "Find various ways to surrender, [...] [b]ut if you cannot do this, then I know where you ought to shoot. And I think you also understand."

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  1. I didn’t autoresolve. It simply rushed my Mk III Railguns and died.

  2. Boston 1948 World Series, yikes, he must have had a really bad day when they lost

  3. Because it will be incredibly embarrassing if they refuse, and they will

  4. Won’t hotels be using boost to transport people between them and the Earth? Don’t know the stats but it makes sense.

  5. Dang, I guess the Ukrainians are going to need to line up and ask the border guards for permission before they steamroll that section of the front

  6. HIMARS will do the asking bit, and he’s not always very polite

  7. It will last a grand total of 24 hours I bet. More of a nuisance for AFU to remove whatever they place there.

  8. Good shot. It looks a bit shy though 😀

  9. I just hope you know how lucky you are. This is absolutely amazing. Please, have my Gold!

  10. You can be right wing without sucking putlers dick. Who would have thought.

  11. I think you are better off talking in terms of political extremism rather than left / right.

  12. Thankfully, they are not very relevant in British politics

  13. Holy shit, a round of applause for this man. He's adressing mainly the Crimean Tatars, right?

  14. Mainly, but if you’re a religious Muslim, then this should apply to you no matter your nationality. He made it clear, going to prison is morally preferable to fighting and hurting Ukrainians, as it should be. It’s not a just war, as in when you’re defending your home or standing up to those who are oppressed.

  15. Doubt that Putin will do that. He would consider that a humiliation.

  16. For some reason Turkey still tries really hard. Can’t imagine why.

  17. Presidential election in turkey soon. Erdogan needs to show strength.

  18. It hardly shows strength if you keep failing.

  19. Thank you for your sacrifice, heroes, wherever you may be! ❤️🇺🇦

  20. شاهنشه ما زنده بادا

  21. شاهنشه ما زنده بادا

  22. شاهنشه ما زنده بادا

  23. All I have to say is, “Long live the Shah!”. He would have never supported Russia.

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