1. Dude, have you been in the feminine products aisle in the store? There’s hundreds of options and they all have secret codes for size only women know how to decipher.

  2. Literally once and there were so many options I couldn't understand, that's why I'm here 😭😂

  3. Ok contrary to the other comment you received on this post , this is actually extremely thoughtful.

  4. Thank you, I was starting to get discouraged because I was truly just trying to be thoughtful and I thought I could ask on this sub without feeling like an idiot.

  5. I have told people during interviews or when being made a job offer that I am scheduled to be gone in XXX dates and if that would be a problem.

  6. I can do something similar to that for sure. I didn't think to do it during the interview because I didn't know if I'd get the job or not and didn't want it to come across wrong in any way. Do you think I could do that on my first day and explain that to them?

  7. At this point it sounds like you'll have to, or if you want to give them the opportunity to back out comfortably if they can't handle your being off (I've had a few jobs where taking time off for vacations - as opposed to things like doctors appts - within a certain amount of time after starting the job was not allowed), tell them as soon as possible.

  8. I'll send the hiring guy an email in the morning explaining that and see what happens I suppose, thank you for the help :)

  9. I've been under cool water for who knows how long at this point but it only feels good when submerged. Pins and needles were in my fingertips primarily. I didn't mean to pop the blister (I'm assuming there was one), I was trying to clean the firework residue off of it and when it was said and done there was just a hole. Happy to provide any more info you may need :) Thank you!

  10. Why are you watching her social media getting mad about her side of the story? Block her and move on. There's nothing to be gained from arguing about who did what at this point.

  11. She was only still unblocked because we were trying the friend thing, but I feel like it's definitely the move now

  12. I think it was mostly mutual, she suggested it after I talked about the problems we're having

  13. Holy shit. I missed the part where you’ve only been together FOR ONE MONTH. And she wants a “break”?

  14. I've just been trying to hold out hope we'd get back to how happy we were pre and early dating, but I doubt it will ever get back to that happy :/

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