1. But I am using a helmet. It’s a black and orange “Pro-tec” helmet 🥲.

  2. I haven’t met these people, but I have seen them on IG. So I don’t IG. But I haven’t met them on a bike.

  3. Then it’s a regional thing and not a national issue. Maybe something that draws them to certain areas? Maybe craft breweries w/free Wi-Fi?

  4. Er, no, it’s a national thing. There are people with way too much money everywhere, trying to “make it” to the upper class status.

  5. I bet you made a bot really happy by pricing that incorrectly

  6. Which is why you should never spend money or tons of time on these games anymore. They’re completely overrun with hacking and bot swarms.

  7. My cannondale topstone 3 comes with that but I havent got it yet!

  8. They’re not “stiffer” or “stronger.” Don’t listen to that bs. Bikes have used QR for generations.

  9. Are you guys only just now finding out about the ghost stories dub?

  10. Believe it or not, humans come in cycles, and they’re not born with pre-downloaded knowledge of all the things you found out about at one point too.

  11. It’s just because someone started selling them for higher, so the next people listing copied them and did it too.

  12. And then what? Have a living room with just a couch?

  13. Believe it or not, living rooms with fireplaces were designed as social areas for generations. TV’s didn’t exist. Architects kept that same format. Old habits die hard.

  14. I had a childhood friend who’s family did this and it just resulted in a house that seemed dead.

  15. You’re describing another social shift due to technology that also has had a huge impact on the way families interact.

  16. Prior to 31st May, CIG was reporting that ALL twenty chapters of Squadron 42 would be complete by mid-August.

  17. The entire game was “in gray box or better” according to their slides at citcon in 2016 or whatever.

  18. It'll never be back in the store imo unless they're planning to release it as a different product(s). Why pull it in order to hike the price? They're entirely unrelated actions as a price hike absolutely doesn't require the product to be pulled.

  19. Either way, they’re getting plenty of free marketing because of the controversy and buzz it’s causing.

  20. Spectrum users read my mind. See my only other post in this sub for an idea but it's true. While, yes, there are some of those who are just being contrarian, there is a very dire, and extremely obvious hypocrisy that happens on that cesspool of a "platform". No corporations should be supporting any real-world cause unless they, you know, will support all of them. Just look at the hilarious backlash that happened in 2013 when CIG did a US Veteran's day sale/celebration. They haven't spoken a word of anything to do with real events since. No matter where you stand on "pride", it doesn't belong on a general forum for discussion about space ships and how broken those space ships are. Guaranteed, if someone posted something about a Christian holiday or the worship of Christian ideals, it would either be deleted, or properly moved to Off-Topic. The same goes for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Veteran's Day, or Memorial Day, V-Day, or literally any real-life or otherwise politicized subject, regardless of the right or wrong of it being politicized in the first place.

  21. Yea that’s called censorship. Basically the exact opposite of modern day “free world” ideals.

  22. Boggs Demonstration State Forest:

  23. In a fractal sense, we could just be small particles of a living body. Nothing more nothing less. The vast black void are just the immense distance between molecules or even atoms. And all in a circle repeats fractal self.

  24. The shills are getting hammered on spectrum, though. People are waking up to the scam.

  25. Yeah.. but….. have you seen the NEW concept is gonna be the first with modularity

  26. Reality checks are important when dealing with the bizarro universe of SC. An indie team of 20’s patch to an in-development game dwarfs whatever garbage SC puts out that qualifies as a “patch”.

  27. It really is shocking just how little CIG puts out. I mean, it’s almost literally nothing if you remove the endless ships.

  28. No they're actually all just working on SC42. The ending of the progress tracker and the removal from the stores clearly indicate that this fall they're going to announce that it'll be released at citizencon in a year.

  29. I imagine they’ll reduce it to, “we know you’re eager to play, so we’ll be releasing episode 1 for $20, and each additional episode for $20 as we go!”

  30. When will they accept the fact that 90 % here said is flat out true or turned out to be true and was never trolling


  32. My guess is that CIG has a serious problems with foundations for handling additional star systems since Pyro was suppose to come out in 2020 with just 4 dead empty planets and 1 empty space station

  33. The lack of any accountability whatsoever by their knight community is a fucking laugh.

  34. My guess would be white single boomer guys, never played any other game than Star Citizen (maybe only Wing Commander), watching Fox News, supporting Elmo and the Donald…

  35. Based on all the chat vomit in-game, most of them gravitate towards SC to play out their socioeconomic fantasies. The ones they can’t achieve IRL.

  36. So much bigotry that the majority of posts are deleted. The typical “no politics in my game” (as though sexual identity was politics and the game wasn’t stuffed full of political tropes) along with snowflakes so fragile a simple post counts as shoving sexuality down their throats.

  37. “No politics in my game, unless it’s my politics, then we can circle jerk all day long.”

  38. They have already reverted this until Jun 27th. Nothing can get CIG to respond to anything other than losing money. Im guessing a ton of those saying they were going to refund did in fact put in a refund request. 🤣 Now I just wish the community would always respond like this when CIG does something shitty.

  39. They’d like it if we forget everything they do (and don’t do) basically every year.

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