1. Cortese era by a distance. The players we got linked with, even if we didn't always get them over the line, made it such an exciting time. We were going for players like Radja Nainggolan, it's incredible to think about now.

  2. If a kid is old enough to say that then he is beyond old enough to not get breastfed

  3. It’s the ease of dosing exactly how much you want that makes 4-AcO the winner for me. That and the lack of stomach anything.

  4. How do you people feel anything from less than like 3.5 grams?

  5. Psilocybin is literally the safest drug. You'll be good my g just enjoy the visuals and the vibes

  6. Whatever the 1940's equivalent to a squishmallow was, Hitler had many

  7. Name and shame, hope someone can find the IP address of this fucker and get them permanently banned or arrested or some shit

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