1. If "mild" means stock or nearly so, 800cfm is a big carb.

  2. I hate getting Frankenstein carbs, I bet if you open her up you’ll find metering block passages drilled open or epoxy closed, really weird shit done to them. Often times I find little value to the parts outside of whatever application they had been modified for

  3. I’m hoping it wasn’t real tampered with. I can tell it’s been rebuilt semi recently, cuz the gaskets between the bowls and blocks are blue.

  4. I found Holley's to be pretty easy to tune if you have a vacuum gauge. A O2 gauge would help with tuning any of the carb models.

  5. Good to know! Think my father in law has a vacuum gauge. I’ll see if I can borrow it. I’m guessing that you would probably hook it up to where the vacuum advance goes.

  6. Actually you want to hook it to manifold vacuum, so like brake booster output or off a port in the intake.

  7. No shit! Well damn, alright. Just plug the brake booster, and plug gauge up to carb!

  8. So I put a 454 in my 69 Four Door. The motor mounts I used lifted the drivers side of engine up, to give clearance for steering rod. I still had to dent headers to get it all to fit tho.

  9. Thank you! I'ma try my luck by lifting the car as high as I can and going from underneath. But may have to end up denting the headers as well. Time will tell I guess.

  10. Yeah, headers are a fight usually, even if they are made to fit lol might go from underneath one side and up top on the other.

  11. I would say solid option is a anything from Chevy, year 2000 and under. I got my 88 S10 for real cheap. You would have to do a V8 swap for any S10, but it’s not a hard one to do.

  12. Same heads on my 72 Nova H code. 150hp 2bbl.... Just wondering where project went since post. Go aftermarket? Find a way to make them flow?

  13. So it’s been a minute for the Nova. I’ve changed plans drastically with power plant. Right now a 454/th400 combo is in it. I haven’t touched it in months tho, cuz I started working on a 88 S10 I’ve acquired. Here is a lil rundown.

  14. I mean you have the transmission removed, and you have the new shift assembly. Why dont you just try bolting them together and see if you can row through all the gears?

  15. Looking at the 2 shifters, the socket on both that engages the transmission is completely different, one having a bearing and one being a ball socket. The biggest concern i would have is that the ball socket and the bearing have to be exactly the same size, then the next concern is whether the square bore of the shifter assembly is exactly the same as the new transmission. If both of those are the same, then there is a possibility that the new shifter would work. Off hand i would guess there is about a 5% chance that the completely wrong shifter assembly would fit on this transmission, but that is still a 1/20 chance that it works.

  16. Good advice…damn, I was hoping one person would do the “I ran into the same issue!” Person lol

  17. Back in the day, Americans used to shoot nazis. It’s real, you can look it up. Killed a whole bunch of em.

  18. Idk, but I feel like she would be a solid enforcer. Like to pick up packages or knee cap someone.

  19. Does it have voltage running through it ? Where is the otherside of that wire running to

  20. Figured it out, goes to the block. I have negative battery terminal to frame already.

  21. Exactly. I'm straight and I of course want to support my family and friends but it's a great party.

  22. Trouble. Like could be cool as hell, but the skeletons in the closet could be a lot.

  23. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Idk what’s in that first pictures box. I believe the blocks and u-bolts are for lowering the rear. Person doesn’t know what they have for sure, but for sale at $100 for a month? Imma offer $50, settle for $75 and figure it out haha

  24. This happened to me in 2020 during a routine safety inspection. The mechanic comes around tells me the car failed safety inspection. I thought he was joking, the car only had about 75k miles on it, OG owner. He squats down near the front wheel and asked me, who did your brake job? It turned out, the parts finder built into Autozone.com gave me rotors the next size too small, therefore my pads were overlapping the edge by a couple millimeters.

  25. Yeah I just got the car. The idiot previous guy must have done it. Just ironing all the wrinkles out. It'll be great once I'm done.

  26. “Yeah, guy that had it before me was a noob…just a dummy…so, if I were to try to fix all the dumb stuff they did…how would I fix it and what exactly did they do wrong?”

  27. Probably can just put that one down. It’s like an illness. Better to cut the infection out, before it spreads.

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