1. Hmm, come to think of it I’ve noticed this too but I just assumed it was just because of all the other fem things about my character the whole JUDGE part just gets smothered out lmao, would be interesting to find out it’s actually just bugged.

  2. Well UA doesn't support campaign at all. Iv never played crucible, I know nothing about it, so I'll have to say Unification

  3. UA campaign works fine, there’s only one issue with the necron stronghold where you have to specifically do the mission without any secondary objectives and not capture any of the critical locations to avoid a crash.

  4. Did they finally get the campaign to work in ultimate apocalypse? I wouldn't even begin to try and guess how they got that to work

  5. They literally added a line that makes the button to start the campaign work again, and I like I said it works 95% of the time

  6. Cheap, jeez what are the others like?! Honestly though, just moved here from the UK and love it. Have visited plenty of times before but when the chance to move here came up we jumped at it, loving it so far

  7. Semi open world, like them Linear but still sever branches of choice as you go

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