1. Its impossible to compete with chinese garbage.

  2. One of "the big guys" buddies taking pictures. No biggie.

  3. Im in the same boat. About twice as much experience as you, but making the same in Pittsburgh. Survey companies pay shit. Like I tell my iman thats your age, join the USAF.

  4. When carhartt moved their shop to mexico, thats when quality dropped off.

  5. If you have a check shot somewhere and its off, you got lucky.

  6. Is this the first time this has happened since Floyd, or are we just seeing this because its a year before a presidential election, like Floyd?

  7. Aww sweet “marxist”. Right-winger reaaally try to find a common enemy and desperately looks for something interesting

  8. Have we seen anything like this since 1 year before the last presidential election? Heard anything about BLM lately? Oh we will. Black people will soon be important again. Just dont bring up south chicago.

  9. This is why we're seeing 30% inflation, Americans are docile morons.

  10. Two guys outside wearing masks...pussies.

  11. My boy knows the difference between the old slippers in his room that are chew toys, and the exact same newer slippers he's not to touch in the living room.

  12. Can I ask you where you found the software for the X-CF Pro? I'm having exactly the same problem.

  13. Message this person. Qidi customer service is impeccable.

  14. Didn't the US have a black president for 8 years and currently has a black vice president? I think the only ones keeping racism alive are the people benefiting from it.

  15. I hate when guns get crazy and go off all by themselves.

  16. American women are impossible. I got a dog, I'll never date again.

  17. This is why I love training engineers and geologists in the field before they move to the design team in the office. They're all bright and never do idiotic shit.

  18. This dumb bitch needs to go back to pouring shots and giving blow jobs in bathroom stalls.

  19. Covid? "the insurrection"? the election?

  20. I used a gs18t for 2 years, it really struggled around structures. I did new construction as builts. I was incredibly lucky to get a whole house without having to set up the gun. The trimble 12i is far superior imo.

  21. Nobody has said, so I will. More cowbell.

  22. Cause bull floats are just so damn hard to understand

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