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  1. I made it with peanut butter instead. Way better.

  2. Not stoned. Just hungry. Those are the ingredients.

  3. Crime. Lied under oath. If you're really asking, have you really done your research?

  4. I’m well aware of what Robinhood does.

  5. I’ve never gone to a stock I don’t have a stake in and said a negative or positive thing about it. Don’t know why anyone would do this. What’s the point? lol.

  6. No, and no way is CSSE gonna accept synthetic shares… also CSSE’s most recent filing pretty much implies things are being reevaluated. Every tactic of the bears, all the lying, fake info, insults are designed, the share price manipulation is designed to break our will and unity. The ONLY way we fail is if we give up and collapse. After the last 2.5 weeks of taking a hammering there was no sell off, bulls bought more. Trust in the math! We must win this, it will give us the platform to get people to listen and attack this corruption

  7. Thank you!! I truly appreciate it. Every one of my posts im getting people trying to accuse me of lying.Only they just make accusations filled with insults with no supporting evidence. I only write what i can back up. All this lying and manipulation of people is something i hate most in this world. My main goal is to help spread reality as best i know it! This play has been my life for almost two months now. I’ve watched the lies and aggression against truth grow.

  8. That’s why I’m here. Get rid of these people.

  9. Options havent been manipulated in the last 2 days so now that the world is watching they cant keep doing it. In cases like this they either get warned or fined for all their gains plus another 500K. So likely they are already aware and have been shutdown and now its a choice of whether to take all their money away.

  10. I’m aware. In no way doubting what is happening here. I’m saying, although the exposure to the issue is amazing, we will never hear of the resolution to this problem.

  11. We may or may not but I shut off their buy button. And I feel more confident holding knowing that we know have a level playing field.

  12. Me too. That’s always what it has been about. We will. Eventually we will land on the play that blows everything up. I still think it’s this one.

  13. And you never hear from them again 🤤

  14. Bought 500 more this morning. Bout time we see a green day

  15. Wish I could buy 500 lol I grabbed 35 more this-morning though.

  16. When you said insurmountable I got hyped.

  17. How can volume exceed open interest if no one can buy any new postions? Its not possible. Unless hedge funds still have a buy button but retail doesn't

  18. Sounds like a free and fair market to me.

  19. I’m pretty sure California has a law on their books that mandates what they are supposed to do with the surplus. I believe some has to goto schools, some pays down the debt, some gets returned as checks etc.

  20. Haha they have laws they follow? It’s a trap.

  21. It wasn’t Fraser’s character who was killed. It was Kevin J. O’Connor’s.

  22. You’re absolutely right. I recant my statement.

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