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  1. This some bull shit. Ohtani ain't going anywhere but that being said, get ya asses to Anaheim!!!

  2. You must be on the finest of hopium. Ohtani already probably has his other team picked out.

  3. I don’t think other teams are allowed to offer deals to players under contract to another team yet. Or do you think that Ohtani regularly does shady, illegal shit?

  4. Muncy is the type of guy who interlocks his fingers into yours when you high five him

  5. Now all they need is some kind of people mover between there and Angel Stadium once it’s complete. This is fantastic for Anaheim.

  6. I’ve said it a thousands times and I’ll say it again. Orange County is the greatest place on the planet to live. I love it here

  7. I lived all around the country. While there is no place like Orange County, there are far better places.

  8. So we pretty much hooked him up with a multi year contract knowing he would get surgery

  9. It suck’s to lose his use ability, but at his cap hit, the guy earned a bottom line spot.

  10. Imagine having Manny Machado (.891 OPS) and Alek Manoah (2.43 ERA) as two of your best players. Pretty good, right? That's Shohei and Ohtani to you.

  11. Ah man. I miss Perry (who's never done one single thing wrong in his whole life).

  12. Nuclear is the safest and most effective energy source. I honestly don’t understand why this is even debated..

  13. I am not the first one to have this take but I believe it to be true. 2016 dramatically changed my relationship with the team I love, and baseball as a whole, and not in a good way. I used to dream about winning the WS. That commercial from like 10 years ago that showed what it would be like if the cubs won it all, that would literally put a tear in my eye every time I watched it. I used to have hope every single year. It was like a promised land that you were not sure would ever be reachable, but you can wish as hard as you can whenever the team was decent.

  14. I grew up in and around chicago but i have lived far away from there for over half my life at this point, including the last 17 years literally on another continent. I have actually thought—ya know I am mot going to any games and with Mlb.tv which I have had since the first year it was available, I can watch and root for any team I want. I have tried to like a few different teams over the years but I just cannot do it. As much as I like and root for individual players on other teams, I just cannot bring myself to care about any other team. That’s why i think it is so dumb to make fun of anyone for the team they like. You are born into this and I cannot choose to like some other team any more than I can choose to have a different skin color. Yes i can artificially change either one but it’s never gonna feel real.

  15. I hear you. That’s why I root for the Angels (flair, I know..) and have since I was a kid in the 80s, 100% totally indoctrination by my family. Couldn’t even imagine not rooting for them. But when I was younger started rooting for rooting for NL teams for fun and to get to know baseball better.

  16. Just get rid of Los Angeles in the name. We’re not LA, call us Anaheim or CA

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