‘Florida is the place where woke goes to die,’ DeSantis says

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  1. She will definitely respond to this angle. Only child with a very responsible personality (not from me, lol)

  2. I don’t know you, but I see you are engaged in your child’s education and wellbeing. Seems fairly responsible to me.

  3. I like your dogs coloring, do you know if they are mixed with anything? My GSD has similar coloring but I haven’t gotten a dna test for him.

  4. Thanks, I call it her cinnamon swirl! No idea if she’s pedigree or not, as she is a rescue. I do know she was being kept by a couple who were breeding her (too young), and selling her pups as full-blood. But they were also dying that little bit black. Apparently solid black Shepherds command a premium. All I know is that she is 100% pure adorable, and likes cats much more than other dogs. She does like puppies, but she gets quite anxious around adult dogs.

  5. Cinnamon swirl is perfect, I call my dogs white patch on his chest his little tuxedo shirt lol. He is also a rescue but I think he must have some husky in him cause he’s very vocal.

  6. I’m partial to over-easy in a well seasoned cast iron pan. A little bit of crushed black pepper or Tabasco.

  7. If doing that is evil, every successful religion on earth we have today is evil ...

  8. You know when you think you might need to poop so you sit down and everything but it was just a fart? It’s that

  9. Yes, when I google, articles come up as well. That’s how google works. But try opening the articles and reading them maybe? Because none of them have that quote in it….

  10. Fiverr is full of clients that want too much for too little. I don’t blame those robots one bit.

  11. yeah... but, similar to AOC situation. while you had a favorable opinion prior they knew they were not going to changd your mind.

  12. Loved AOC’s response to the scandalous dance video — release another dance video.

  13. No, no; you need your wife to ALSO contribute and play one of the Beholders!

  14. I had my daughter guest star as a demon with my group. Granted, she is adorable, but she had my poor players eating out of her hand. Convinced them to destroy the wards keeping her captive.

  15. I find alot of nice pallets and some old ones too. Their is a moving company that puts out like 40 or fifty a month. Sometimes big pallets with plywood sides and tops. It's a good score if you happen to drive by at the right time. Usually about 2 days for the pile to be gone, with the good ones picked out in a couple hours.

  16. We store our pallets outside, because we have a small shop. They’re not trash, or unwanted — they’re supposed to go back to our supplier. But yeah, people “find and save” them all the time.

  17. But the majority of the hijacker’s were granted access into the US under Clinton and were already taking flying lessons in the US before Bush was even elected

  18. It’s not so much that Bush “let 9/11 happen” as it was that Bush’s response to 9/11 was terrible.

  19. Studies have shown that people who grow up in fear have more conservative views. Studies have also shown that more education leads to more liberal views.

  20. Sweet summer child there's always been a handbook! It just changes all the time. In the 90s it was "pierce your left ear and left ear only".

  21. Left ear only was for straight people. I only knew one kid that did his right ear, and that was by mistake. Poor kid was mortified.

  22. I feel like your correction is not the best way. You don’t add a comma in a list unless there are 3 or more items in it.

  23. I would buy an electric Camaro, but not this 4 doored abomination pictured here.

  24. Come on guys, early worm gets the worm

  25. This shit is old and not funny anymore. "Duurrrr, dogs aren't real, duuurrrr trees aren't real, duuurrrrrr earth is flat, durrrr duurrr durrrr" no offense to you Duncan. Your comedic timing was fine.

  26. No worries, but your username makes me doubt your neutrality on the subject.

  27. C2 goes anywhere from $60k to $120k usd for a convertible. If that’s not a super high mileage car, I’d bet on it being on the higher end of that value range. Seems to be about on par/slightly higher than a gently used 2021-2022 m5 or a new base spec M5

  28. Plus one of these cars value is going up, while the other is decreasing. I’m sure it will go back up eventually, but it’s gonna be a while before they’re rare enough.

  29. I love how this is clearly a cheap-o knife, that was used pretty regularly and sharpened often to get the tip so rounded — and yet, it’s still just truckin’ along, ready for a new owner.

  30. Had a friend that worked in the “oh shit” department for the state. She said she had all sorts of crazy shit in her file drawer that couldn’t happen here, but if it did, she had a folder with a plan in it. I always assumed aliens and zombie outbreak kind of thing, but she was no Trump so wouldn’t tell us the good details.

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