1. I don't know enough about For Honor to be able to figure out if someone is scripting.

  2. If you spammed wow because someone buffed themselves with a feat in a 1v1, I can't imagine what the quick chat would look like if you got killed by a projectile feat from off screen lmao.

  3. I think he's pointing out that the highlander is the only one teabagging while everyone else is standing still

  4. I can't believe the actor for Jormius didn't win an Oscar for his performance in this film. He deserved it

  5. I don't get it bro. Why do they waste money to buy highlander if all they do is spam light attack and dodge heavy? You can do that infinitely better with Kensei, and he comes free with the game.

  6. I'm sorry, I still have trauma from my ps4 low rep days when I couldn't react to lights and there would be at least one Kensei per dominion match spamming lights and dodge heavies.

  7. Emote spammed a noob, attacked before they were ready in a duel. This makes you look bad.

  8. Imagine spamming wow against a fucking NUXIA while playing as the strongest character in the game.

  9. There’s no way you emoted on him after getting your ass handed to you, getting your teammate to bail you out, feeding revenge anyways, and having your teammate bail you out again

  10. Then he "asserts dominance" by letting the bot revive, just to throw a bomb that the cent couldn't dodge, followed up by two 50/50 unblockables.

  11. Here's a little tip of you don't know about it. After a dodge attack, you can enter qi stance immediately (just hold the heavy button down during the dodge attack). After every qi stance attack you can throw a sweep that guarantees you a heavy and can reset your approach again as you can chain that heavy into qi stance. Finally the sweep is feintable. So if your enemies start dodging it, feint to gb will catch their dodge attempt)

  12. Medjay spam is so common that you'd be swimming in cum your pants in close team fights. Hate fighting him; like a nuisance.

  13. Yeah, medjay is kind of a nuisance, I even feel like a nuisance when I play him.

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