1. I have about 100 high bias maxell type 2 tapes from GD tours, but I also record onto cassette and those are semi expensive so it's always a careful choice when deciding which show to record over. Thankful for the ability to backup tapes!!

  2. Play her Contact and show her how Megan Trainer stole their melody. 😂

  3. It goes deeper. I remember when that cam out and somebody posted a 60s song with the same melody

  4. Lol, just happened to me yesterday! I had over 100 and somehow ran out, too much time in the underground I guess!

  5. Good luck on tickets! Usually relatively easy. If you can't find any and it gets close don't freak out, plenty go up the week before

  6. I'll nerd out a bit, I'm a big Phish fan, i think all of their shows are really good at a minimum, although every tour they will have a show that is exceptional and is universally loved by the community. I think the same goes with CBB, each episode has at least one thing that stands out, but the holiday and anniversary eps stand above the rest. This latest one is no exception, all the performers get more and more comfortable with the characters they play and sometimes they might step out of their comfort zones and do something new (PFT, pig shit twins and I'll say will hines, but he can never do wrong) and they hit it out of the park. C+ ep

  7. Also only getting like 10 pro versions in the full feed anyways??

  8. Would love to trade some nice affirmations for a light stream of water. Auditorial streams are okay too

  9. Scott's inability to grip that because he has a kid and he's tired doesn't mean everybody else can't stay up past 9:30 was hilarious

  10. The joke was he was referencing another comedian thats already made that same joke?

  11. You can't say anything bad in this sub!! Get the FUCK OUT!! Scott reads ALL of these comments and will personally like me over you now!!

  12. So as a former Mormon who attended BYU, I’m about 90% sure this is an urban legend. Even if it has actually happened, it is by no means a common practice. I was active in the religion for years, and I never heard of it until I saw a post on Reddit.

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