1. i’m falling in love with the ghost that’s haunting me?!

  2. I'm not a longfic person, so for the few I've written I finished the entire thing before uploading anything, and then I'd do a weekly update. My uploads are normally on Sundays too, whether it be a one-shot or longfic update, but I'm never too strict on myself because I know I'd burn myself out lol.

  3. Roll up my sleeves and get to feeding myself. It ain’t much but it’s honest work.

  4. Not op but seeing as I rarely see anyone in this subreddit who knows the languages you mentioned: do you mind if I hit you up with some Bosnian (and Croatian) phrasing insight? I’ve got an OC who grew up in Sarajevo and accurate Bosnian to English resources are so thin on the ground…

  5. I know I'm not OP, but I have background in these langs as well, if you need anyone to bounce phrases off of I'm available ^_^!

  6. It depends on the shade of eastern european? When it comes to the Balkans (mostly serbian), I'd offer up mouse or little mouse (mišić) as it's the first thing that came to mind and that's all I know, lol.

  7. Was men trying on thongs not a good first indicator of what their content would be like? They’re grown adults. You don’t have to enjoy it, but don’t “But think of the children!!!” us now.

  8. Absolutely!!! Would definitely buy another one. I bought the $50 ticket for the shirt and after-show access, the after show was just as fun and definitely worth it, I’m so excited for my shirt to come in!

  9. I second the live tomorrow!! I was hoping for a complete Zach sweep but the WAR illusion cakes slightly discouraged me, I’m with Keith or Zach for the win

  10. I like to think I write fics in a very conversational/casual way, but I don't think I've ever used any kind of meme/Youth Slang in my writing because of exactly your reasoning. The most recent reference I've used was A commenting on how it felt to touch B, and that they did not, in fact, "get this feeling", and I was hesitant on keeping it in until I realized it brought me some joy to throw in there, especially since I have a loose, very informal writing style.

  11. Hi!! Any way we can have individual habercats flairs? I’m a grandpa Alfred at heart, but I’m happy with the current flair regardless, so it’s not a problem at all!

  12. Grandpa Alfred! Consider him added - I can't recall their other cat's name...

  13. Thank you so much!!! I can be a grandpa in peace now. This subreddit is so fun already.

  14. I'm ready!! I bought the $50 ticket because I really wanted the shirt + post-show access, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm working a 6 hour shift beforehand so it'll be the best thing to cozy up with in the evening!

  15. What does the post-show include exactly? Do you get to engage with the guys and ask questions?

  16. That’s a great question… I’m not really sure, but I wanted the shirt and it was included, which worked out. I hope we can ask questions and get additional commentary after everything’s said and done, mostly!

  17. I agree with taking a couple of days to process the emotions before you do anything rash, but break up with him asap. The best revenge is in self-betterment, whether you use him as motivation or not, but truly focusing on yourself while karma gets what's coming for him. Get a head start on new years resolutions, amp it up in the gym, take care of yourself mentally.

  18. Good catch! This has been mentioned a few times already, albeit on old posts, and I think the general consensus was that it was also a reason.

  19. Whoa! That's really interesting. I think Eugene's Texas accent comes out more than Keith's ever has. Maybe because Keith has lived in California so long?

  20. I definitely noticed Eugene’s accent slipping out in the hometown vid!!!

  21. Have YOUUUUU ever... been... a stinky loser? Have you ever felt like... a creep? Perhaps even a weirdo? And you DON'T want your kid to feel that way?

  22. Like most have said, Tesla's are notoriously shitty. Normally I skip the ads, but is this a new one? I know they have a couple of ads that are featured in a few eps in a row, so maybe it was an ad he recorded before getting the Tesla? I know I've heard that radio ad and the ag-something greens wayyy too often.

  23. Authors don't have any obligation to preface a messed up fic/relationship with the fact that they don't condone it irl, and a "wholesome" portrayal does not at all mean they automatically do.

  24. Overall, this is a decent subreddit. I’m not sure every conversation has been civil, but it’s lively if nothing else. Shouts to those who were in this sub 3+ months ago - it was either totally dead or it was someone complaining about a video.

  25. Yep, I've been here for a bit and definitely remember the old subreddit. I much prefer the state it's in now, even with it's minimal cons.

  26. I liked him. But, a lot of people didn't. Were you on this subreddit before the drama dropped?

  27. As an American, we know the metric system well enough to have a picture of what you're saying, we just don't primarily use it.

  28. It would be cool for Miles to make Perfect Person merch himself too!! I’d love to wear a “Perfect Person in Training” button or shirt!

  29. I'm a proud Bites enthusiast. I love me a classic crunch bar, but the bites are so much easier to find when they appear around the house, it's like a bright little easter egg hunt, and I get the better berry-to-gunk ratio along with it!!

  30. Let them feel their oats!!! I’m here for it. I see some shoots with Keith and I almost feel like he thinks that all he can do is make a goofy face rather than be serious, but I’ve seen that man look smokin in old merch shoots and it looks good on him. Let’s see it!!

  31. All of them have aged like fine wine imo!!! Love me some Korndaddy too!

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