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  1. I think this is a fake message set up by a dasher trying to get tips. Theyre not all $2 before tip.

  2. This was posted in Doordash drivers sub yesterday and it was 100% not automated, it was from the driver trying to scrape more tips out of people. They just happened to send it to another driver and didn't proofread their English skills well enough to cover their ass from it being seen as fake one way or another.

  3. Harvey being a dating option feels wrong to me... he looks too old, I don't like his moustache, and find him boring

  4. Shane is older than Harvey according to the wiki. Apparently Shane is in his mid 30s and Harvey is a little under him. Then again, I think dating the older characters is a thing for older players(?) Or something.

  5. I think it said last time I looked the farmer is supposed to be 21 hence we can drink legally. I could be wrong but as far as I know thats base age.

  6. This actually seems fun. It feels more like a chore at the moment trying to grind away at leveling at lv 34 so I'm looking forward to this type of stuff

  7. The employees must be scamming for meals themselves. Just last week I tried to see if I could grab a no tip at mcdonalds and they did not make it yet. I would've had to accept so it shows up on their system then unassign. Not something I'd do to risk the job.

  8. There is such a thing as people unassigning the order after realizing they had to wait that may have taken it before you. That could definitely be an explanation especially when it comes to Wendy's (where I live at least)

  9. Although you have a wonderful display in all three pictures, the 3rd display is a fire hazard since the packages are so close to the door. What happens if little Timmy is home alone on a Friday night watching his younger sibling while his parents go to a rave and little Timmy makes some toast for a late night snack and he goes to watch Cartoon Network really quick (Robot Chicken or Ed, Edd and Eddy) and while he is watching the show, the toast sets the house ablaze?! Little Timmy is going to have to carry his younger sibling and walk out the front door since this is the only safe exit BUT unbeknownst to little Timmy, there are eight Amazon Fresh packages waiting a few inches from the doorstep so little Timmy falls but luckily his body, and his younger siblings, are saved after they go head first into a pumpkin pie (in one of the Amazon Fresh bags) which breaks their fall!! His parents come home almost exactly right after the fall and reunite with little Timmy and his younger sibling. They are thankful for the pumpkin pie but they write a complaint about the delivery driver.

  10. This makes me think of the first Wreck it Ralph because the eyes and style remind me of vanellope and sugar rush so much. This kid looks like they'd be the one playing on the other side of the machine and having an absolute blast doing it too just like they are on the Dino. Phenomenal work.

  11. It doesn't make much sense even if it's monkey pox because that's transferred through surface and skin to skin.

  12. It was fine i guess. It was a morbidly obese man/woman living in some senior home and i had to put the food right next to them, and the room smelled like death

  13. That's a very sad way to live. Unfortunately there's not much you can do to help people like that but eh. I've had too many deliveries where it's old or disabled on IC and it's numbing

  14. "We have really great insurance!" - said by the 26 year old HR person at my last job, who had never really used the insurance. Spoiler: it was ... okay. They kept selling the public sector to me with this supposedly great insurance, but I made a lateral move into private and got way more money AND better insurance. Worse retirement match though.

  15. Retirement match is in general a nice thing. Glad you weren't too fucked over by the dumbass in HR

  16. The problem with retirement match is they end up giving you what maybe 3-4 percent match which vests over 5 years. Where you could just find a new job next year with a 10-200% pay raise. Don’t turn down free money but also don’t let them trick you, the match is just a way to attempt to keep you in your role.

  17. Oh yeah I know, that's why I was saying I'm glad they didn't try to skimp on paying less in private sector even if its kinda crud on one part of the benefits. If more places had benefits as the norm it may be less of a problem

  18. I did a few others too and posted Maru a while back before I had to go on a trip. I plan to make everyone eventually over time

  19. Was just there yesterday (sister and grandmother live up there) it's kind of amazing how much it's bounced back but at the same time there still so much rebuilding to do.

  20. It's sad that it still takes sometimes up to a decade for anywhere to recover from how bad a fire can rampage. It really is great though that paradise had such a big response to help the city rebuild. Wish it was always that way

  21. To be fair this is both hilarious and creepy. It seems a bit silly, but hey the dog is able to tell you if something is more bs or real ass bad shit

  22. Hes a jock type and most people got picked on by 'popular' kids like Alex and Haley.

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