1. Anyone in here interested in giving a quote for a spectrum article about how students from out of town have learned to battle buffalo winters? Message me!!

  2. He looks like my Central American banded. Definitely different care than leopards and different temperament.

  3. If they’re separate plants you should prune to get better airflow in there. It helps them a lot

  4. I got an asthma inhaler because they finally put the pulse oximeter on me when I was standing and had me walk around the room to see it change. Asthma. Wtf.

  5. Sphagnum is cheaper. You can get a big condensed block from lowes or Home Depot. Make sure you get an orchid specific one so there’s less branches

  6. This is so wholesome thank you for sharing! I have a pink weighted one that looks similar and his name is Thud because he makes a thud when he falls off my bed

  7. It absolutely should’ve been raided. It’s so harmful when these anti abortion groups put up fake clinics to cause psychological harm to people who have already gone through so much to just get to the clinic. I don’t feel bad for them.

  8. I don’t think there’s one single legit job for proofreaders or writers

  9. Wow how tf are you getting work on upwork? I’ve been on there for six months and have only gotten the scammers.

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