1. Tried it a couple of times, the coating tasted like those murrukus u get from the store, idk if it was just me.

  2. Street burger isn't like before now, feel like they put alot of mayo or smth

  3. Most of this sub is filled with introverts .. we usually do anything to avoid social contacts ๐Ÿ˜‚ hard to swallow pills

  4. Legit psychedelics are pretty hard to come by. Thereโ€™s certain forests that have shrooms (only if you know where to look) and LSD( nBOme-25 or fake LSD)

  5. The mushroom grows on cow dung , and there is a season and I think itโ€™s coming up . Most probably the ayahuasca is pretty hard to come down there , but dmt maybe around in Sri Lanka . Be careful of the fake LSD . But I hear that itโ€™s god damn expensive out there

  6. Yes. Cow dung is fertilizer after all, Oh ketamine is masquerade around as DMT.

  7. The Lord Buddha has faced many hardships and still chose to deal with it in better ways. I donโ€™t really think he needs people like this to protect the philosophy of Buddhism.

  8. Yup! And healthier. You can survive a surprisingly long time on a water fast if you have the fat stores. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone without looking into it extensively though, definitely can hurt you. I did get the effects of gluconeogenesis also. Had to work out a bunch afterwards to get my body back and take supplements for a while.

  9. you should probably either delete the post or change the title now.

  10. Makes sense, 15gb disappeared over night and their excuse was we Skype call (We got the package day before)

  11. Ngl eveything you prolly see isnโ€™t what it is so youโ€™re already having insane visuals. Just need to realize it.

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