1. Belgium kicked a fuckton of kraut ass first time tho

  2. They should create a sub for “orphan” players so they can become friends.

  3. How can he see anything with that hair

  4. Exactly. They made sure the one character who is explicitly homosexual is also a pedophile

  5. Light, always carrying light in case I find a 301

  6. Do you mean there is gonna be overwatch mii porn?

  7. We do a little crimes against humanity

  8. "Just chillin" and raping and slaughtering millions of innocent civilians 🥰

  9. The russian guy will also take your child, rape your mother, kill your father, take all of your belongings (Grodno 17 września 1939 ['] pamiętamy ['])

  10. He's just out grinding, give the man a break

  11. Gamers never disappoints when it comes to their morals do they???

  12. Dude hes so fucking lazy, just respawn 🙄

  13. Nah some lazy cunt didn't pick up his reboot card

  14. Calling the gunplay clunky is an understatement, it's borderline unserviceable

  15. Rest in peace, fucking hell, poor guy

  16. What happens in Metro then...? (As I said, I haven't played any game)

  17. Do you wanna live in the moscow metro tunnels with mutants, various factions and supernatural shit trying to kill each other?

  18. Oh and when you die you can't go to heaven or hell or simply just stop existing,you become a shadow and spend the eternity in the place you died

  19. Well yeah there's some shit about your soul just remaining in the metro tunnels for all eternity

  20. Probably explore shit and steal clothes and electronics from stores (not from people dw)

  21. To be fair, they do make you recite this every day in school even before you know what it means.

  22. What the fuck, really? Thats fucking indoctrination

  23. I got in trouble a few times cuz I was lazy and didn’t want to stand

  24. The comments here are concerning, thats why I added that second part to the comment

  25. Almost good, just needs russia gone and just pretend that the us and china doesn't exist either

  26. I use custom binds for everything, what is F meant to do?

  27. Why is france and sweden still there? Bad post

  28. The maxim is still a good ass machine gun

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