1. Aw, baby need validation about pressing one button to kill a boss? Do you want people to think you are impressive? 🥺

  2. This is a realistic challenge being done by thousands of players. Or is it too intimidating for you? What you're doing is surely ...something. You can take it easy and kill him on base game with upgraded weapons at level 1. Or even easier is to try to no-hit his boss fight on normal playthroughs. Then take it up a notch and no-hit him on max NG cycle. THEN you can try level one challenges. There are many ways to make a fight more difficult. Question is are you willing to or not.

  3. EN clippers are mostly low effort garbage, they don't even bother to put subtitles.

  4. Konosuke Sanjo GT SLD 245mm should really probably put it up on

  5. The d-shaped handle is very nice and comfy. It has quite a long length and provides a good balance at the choil of the blade.

  6. I see a lot more invaders bitching than anyone else on this sub.

  7. lmao every two days, there's a post from insecure PvE users asking for validation on their playstyle.

  8. Well, ya, there’s tons of posts about people using spirit ashes pretending to not care about the imaginary people judging them. But actual bitching , whether about over-leveled phantoms, phantoms not being able to hurt each other, afk farming, not being able to invade solo hosts is all invaders.

  9. All of which I never see on the front page of this sub. The spirit ash insecurity posting? I see it at least once a week.

  10. Are you talking about his build or your build ? What do you consider cheese exactly?

  11. Have you actually fought against this build before? I'm getting real tired of ignorant PvE-onlys commenting like they know squat about PvP.

  12. rongee81? It's the same loser with the IGN build that was featured on Jee's video yesterday. Use sleep pots and ice pots to space him out and punish when he gets close to you.

  13. I would choose the Yoshikane SKD over the Shibata, Yoshikane has a thicker spine, stiffer and more comfortable to grip. Yet it is still thin enough behind the edge that it cuts like some of the best lasers out there.

  14. If it's your first knife I'd consider getting something more robust. I love Japanese knives but they might not be the best choice for the first. If you do go the Jap route I'd consider looking for a knife with a "work horse grind". Something thicker and more robust so you don't chip it in your first week.

  15. The second knife is a Mazaki, and it's definitely a workhorse; it just has a thinner tip than an average WH, but it's still very robust.

  16. The first two knives are miles better than the third one. The Yoshikane is a thick spine laser that cuts insanely well; the Mazaki is a workhorse with an awesome distal taper.

  17. Machi gap = a name for a bad fit up. Tang won’t go all the way in the handle but your epoxy is already setting? Say you did it on purpose and call it a machi gap.

  18. Only one of them can sing well

  19. And you here can neither sing or have a positive existance for the people around you. What does that make you?

  20. You should worry tho your watching 40 year old dudes behind those vtuber models

  21. A female vtuber with multiple IRL music awards, multiple concerts, and multiple IRL music industry professionals contacting her, is a dude...?

  22. I can see that they are the Wakui Seiryu and the Toyama K-tip Dama, both excellent Sanjo knives.

  23. As I understand it. When you lay the knife flat on the stone for thinning, and the stone removes metal everywhere except a few certain spots. You'd call those low spots overgrinds.

  24. Perhaps I should have gotten the aroma. I thought the naniwa would've been a reputable brand.

  25. Naniwa is a great brand for whetstones, but for flattening plates the general consensus is that the atoma is the way to go, even if it's more expensive.

  26. Easing the shoulders won't really hurt the excellent food release, but it will decrease a lot of wedging.

  27. I must agree. If someone could detail its best features it would be great. I must say that obelisk/nail grind does not look very effective.

  28. Takeda's have what I consider some of the best food release of any j-knife out there, if not the best. The arrow head grind is why the food release is so good with that, to reduce wedging, just ease the shoulders of the bevel and it'll cut very well.

  29. I kind of want Aqua to join then they can have a game where they send out Aqua and Astel soli and the goal for the other full squads is to survive the Mad Dog of hololive and the Mad Maggie of holostars.

  30. he lowered the bar on too many things tho

  31. Elden Ring leaned way too hard on Ashes of War imo, the L2 should be an option for damage; instead it becomes overwhelmingly the best option for all situations.

  32. I'll keep repeating this. They could have used the expanded camera PoV in Sekiro for these larger bosses, but they didn't and that goddamn stupid.

  33. A PvEr who can't walk two steps without holding hands with their friends calling invaders cowards? That's a laugh.

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