1. I actually prefer the studio cut. I've always turned the live version off when it hits the chorus. Not to ick anyone's yum.

  2. I too prefer the studio cut - I feel like the impact/message comes through in a very different way. When I saw it live I felt mostly indifferent to it.

  3. Steady As We Go was my wedding song. I’m divorced 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. When I was there, it was lawn one night and balcony the other. The lawn is no bigger or more interesting than your home show in Hartford. Balcony was interesting just since it's so unusual in an amphitheater.

  5. I didn’t believe you til I just looked it up! I haven’t been on the lawn in hartford in probably 16 years though so my memory is untrustworthy. My last lawn was Mansfield which does seem to be smaller than either. I didn’t like how obstructed the view from the lawn was because of the balcony and hence was not understanding the appeal there either haha. Also thanks for context of the other Venues that line up ahead of it 😃

  6. Mansfield/Hartford were my home shows from 2005-2010. I have a great memory of a thunderstorm in Hartford. Maybe we ran into each other!

  7. I was in hartford faithfully 2001-2006! Moved away to the concertless wasteland of alaska for 07-10 😂

  8. Also I’m realizing you said vows now. So I guess i was tooting my own horn 😂

  9. Before you completely rule out a song, unless your partner has vetoed its inclusion. I once heard James Taylor say something about (love) songs that he’s written, namely, “You can close Your Eyes,” that he may have written for someone else, and it takes on a different meaning in the context of his current relationship.

  10. I appreciate this sentiment, although I can’t say I share it. For me steady as we go seems like it will always bring me back to that past relationship, not in an altogether bad way - not hung up on it or heartbroken, but in a way that it feels like it still marks the times we did have. Meh maybe would be healthier to “take it back”, I’ll be pondering this haha

  11. First thing to mind at the moment is the 2nd verse in the lilywhite recording of Raven

  12. I know exactly what is is, but everytime I see it, all I think of is Evil Dead...

  13. I can’t unsee it and as a fan of both DMB and Evil Dead, I can’t complain 😂

  14. Yea no shot at MSG getting on unless you're there when doors open.

  15. I got laughed at my the merch booth staff last year when I asked for a poster 😂 they went quick

  16. I did and it was awesome. Definitely a little weird at first being alone and standing in line without friends to talk with. I’m pretty introverted so I was a little weary of going at first. Once the music started though none of that mattered. I will be going to the next show near me for sure

  17. Yay! So glad you went, hear ya on how it can feel awkward but beats the regret of missing it - looked like an incredible set!!

  18. I just think people are incredibly spoiled. I’m a fan since before 2000 and have been to only 6 shows. Why? Because I’m not in the US. I wish I had the luxury to “complain” about boring set lists……

  19. This! I know super fans who for many reasons cannot go to shows regularly (holy shit it’s expensive!!) It’s interesting to think of the many privileges that the loudest complainers likely have access to that many other fans may not.

  20. I have been going solo for a few years now. I dragged my partner once and while he loves DMB he does not love concert and was uncomfortable in the pit (my favorite place to be). Finding some meet ups online ahead of time helped me to feel like I had somewhere to be/someone to meet up with the first couple times I went and I met some really awesome people. Now I just show up and chat with whoever is around or seek out some of the people Ive encountered in years past.

  21. I didn’t get clarification about the cost, but I was told that if could take up to four months (!) to process the request. Amazingly, they cashed my check in less than a week 🙄

  22. Ugh 4 months! Wild.. I sent my form in this week and will set my timer… aye. Thanks for sharing your experience and updates!!

  23. I received my documents from SSA today! It took less than 2 months and I received documentation for all years requested (2006-2009) after paying $90.

  24. Wow!!! This is Great news!!!!! Congrats and I hope the turn around with your loan processor on the ecf is just as successful!

  25. So far, no updated payment count. I don’t think they’re accepting the social security transcript. Next step- send letter to state dept of revenue to see if they can send me copy of the W2. IRS only keeps them 10 years. But maybe state keeps them longer.

  26. How’s it going with the pslf stuff, any luck with certifying your old employment?

  27. Ugh! Bad news on the transcript from Social Security. Fed loan did not accept this as proof of employment. After my (90 min wait) phone call with PSLF rep, he said the only proof of employment they’ll accept is W2, ECF, and pay stubs. The reconsideration response came back quickly, but was totally useless as it did not answer my question regarding whether they would accept the SS transcript. It simply said yes, this is a qualified employer. Did not even mention the SS transcript. No wonder the wait is so long on the phone.

  28. Ah rats!! Bs that social security records could not be considered. I am skeptical of the info from phone reps 😒 but sounds like you also uploaded the documents and the response was just yes this is qualified employment but not that it would update your payment count?

  29. How are you making out with this? I have a job I worked at over 10 years ago. I've called and emailed them several times and they won't respond at all.

  30. Too high always gets me, to me it feels like it could’ve been written about my moms addiction that ultimately took her life.

  31. Im sure this will happen, as we will probably elope, but would love to be introduced to “Everyday” if my partner and I have a more official party ☺️

  32. I’m just over here dreaming of being selected as the winner of their ticket-giveaway for msg 😂 prob better odds of being struck by lightening but a gal can dream!

  33. I actually enjoyed my nosebleeds last fall!, but will say it felt off that everyone sat in our section. My partner and I finally stood after a couple songs and afterwards most folks in our section joined us.

  34. I spend 1 full day a week with my niece (my sisters daughter) and it has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life and has brought me closer with my sister and brother in law and of course my niece. I have anxiety about differences of opinion with parenting decisions that I will have no say in (which is understandable and to be expected) but it hasn’t come up yet and probably says more about my never ending journey to give up a little more control in my life than their decisions.

  35. 2001 Hartford was my first show - I was 14 years old.. since then I have seen DMB 24 times and was lucky to attend the “Dave & friends” tour in ‘03. 😄

  36. It’s cute! I’ve found getting eye expressions down really tough myself tho lol

  37. This was my first time decorating cookies. Any advise would be appreciated!

  38. I use tracing paper and edible markers to transfer my lettering and find it makes a world of difference! But this is a great first set 😎

  39. My mom had the crash Cd from her CD of the month club. I remember specifically loving “say goodbye” (but sensing that at my then age of 9/10 it was too adult and so I would listen in hiding 😆).

  40. Have have good experiences in general, definitely folks jumble to get in space and stake their space but I go solo and have found my neighbors to always be kind! I did have a belligerent individual shove into my space mid show last summer in Mansfield and my neighbor asked them kindly but firmly to move along. The same neighbors was kind enough to let me borrow their rail space for a tune. That’s my advice if your back a row or two — make a friend to get the rail view for at least a song 😎 if you have a rail, consider sharing — we’re all there to have a good, good time ❤️

  41. Love it! And the etiquette is very similar to what we do at Phish (I ride the rail a lot there). I’m super stoked. My buddy and I first saw dmb at hartford in 2010 and have never been in pit so it’s about time!

  42. I’ll be in Mansfield and Hartford this weekend as well 😎 enjoy!!

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