1. Don't do teachers saying, push your drawing style more. Because I know this kind of things, because I was a korean too. Before things gone to hell.

  2. I am sorry to hear that. Thanks for your advice bro.

  3. Rest in peace Big Brother… 😔 We loved you ❤️

  4. Yes 👍 let’s celebrate for him together 🥳

  5. Drugs don’t take your problem go away, they just create more…

  6. No resting on the job, before your co-worker beat yourself until dead.

  7. Remember this cave, this cave is a shovel cave. And shovel is key item to complete your story.

  8. I just finished Brooklyn heist yesterday and my favorite person is dead ?! What is going on ?!

  9. Why did you use sacrifice in front of centurion?

  10. Well that’s very sad… but she needs to moved on. 😔

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