1. Well last thread like this somebody said Hand that feeds, to which I replied it was the wrong answer. I got heavily downvoted and told by multiple members of this sub to shut the fuck up and that I’m a bigger asshole than Putin so I’d better just follow suit and say the answer to every ‘what NIN song’ thread with; the hand that feeds. Wouldn’t want to upset any of you fucks.

  2. DMB is touring with Dead and Company and Phish while those fans hate DMB.

  3. Wait.. this is news to me. Grohl played the drums on the album or the song? I feel another rabbit hole coming on.

  4. He was basically on 2/3 of the album. Specifically he played on “All The Love In The World”, “You Know What You Are?”, “The Collector”, “Love Is Not Enough”, “Everyday is Exactly the Same”, “Getting Smaller” “Sunspots” “The Line Begins to Blur” and “Non-Entity” which was never on the album.

  5. I always wished that he would release the official music video

  6. American Baby Intro - Live Trax 10 (Portugal ‘07).

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