1. I can't afford a mortgage deposit. Don't forget mortgage payments are less than renting the same property.

  2. They could absolutely build affordable housing. I refuse to believe that new builds need to go for 500,000 just to turn a profit.

  3. Seeing as how the English government outlawed wild camping in England and Wales. I don't see them not doing it to Scotland as well if they had ultimate power here.

  4. I agree with 1 and 2. What else would save you 40 minutes each way every day to work? Modernising the infrastructure we already have, or replacing it, adding another practically parallel system just isn't worthwhile.

  5. People throw the word "modernising" around as if it's magic... We could spend a LOT of money on the current railways and get almost no improvement.

  6. I mean to the point that we can actually use tilting trains and install cambered turns. You know, the things we actually need to have a faster system.

  7. It's not glass though: the bottom layer is plastic to hold the glass together if it smashes to help the roof keep its rigidity in a roll over, the top layer is again plastic (anti glare screen.)

  8. Frank Beard, the only member to not have a beard.

  9. I think that's the point, if there is a point.

  10. Some places tried implementing it.

  11. I wear day to day sunglasses for cycling activities.

  12. Better to urinate in the sink, wash hands, less water than flush toilet.

  13. The amount of times I've heard about urinating in the shower too.

  14. This is my “I can’t understand this madness” too. Are they just weaponising “turn off the big light” to make people feel guilty or are they that stupid that they think people sitting in the dark is the answer to the energy crisis? Because I can turn every light in my house on for a few hours and not use more electric than a single boil of a kettle.

  15. What you said is not very equatable, LEDs and CFLs are low power and kettles, even these days uses a lot of power. However having lights on when not needed is using unnecessary electricity.

  16. That was my point though, LEDs are so low power it’s almost meaningless worrying about it in comparison to something like boiling a kettle.

  17. You'd be surprised how many people are still using halogen downlights, we are slowly phasing them out at work replacing with LEDs.

  18. I agree but I feel like this situation is a bit different since it seems like this person wasn't trans and is just using it to get out of this situation. It's sad to see that people will be thinking more about the trans part than the rape part and forget that we're victims in this situation too.

  19. Haha it's a temporary windscreen repair on an aircraft. The procedure explains everything except how to tie off.

  20. The holes on the outside shouldn't be there. They look too round to be natural. I think it was drilled

  21. I actually recently moved companies for the opposite reason, I got so sick of being at home full time that I needed to make a change. While I was free to go into the office, it wasn't worthwhile as it was pretty much empty so was a waste going in.

  22. If already WFH they would have to not vote with their feet.

  23. The bridge? It's just scratches it'll be fine. The car on the other hand? Not so much.

  24. That's one I never get with Americans, they bang on about how amazing and fantastic America is.

  25. I think most Americans with British heritage are Irish rather than English is the reason or they are being ambiguous because they don't know.

  26. I think earlier USB C didnt have a wiring standard either, so a load of companies used different pins for different things, such as signalling, so it may be old usb C could potentially cause issues. And i think its at 24?

  27. I just looked. It's 24 with 22 used, the 2 opposite to 0V are the blank ones.

  28. Nothing. USB-C ports are required to be smart about figuring out what theyre connected to BEFORE supplying significant power. If they're poorly designed you may get a brief overcurrent event before one of them turns off but it wont be anything flashy and shouldnt be damaging

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