1. The same people who worked on TOH are working on this. Not to say the staff are bad or anything, but given how they don’t shy away from realistic subject matter and LGBTQ themes, maybe WBD thought it would be better to shift this to their more mature station over CN to avoid controversy from angry parents and stuff?

  2. There’s shots and even a poster of Luigi getting kidnapped by Shy Guys and being ballooned to Bowsers Castle (which is floating mind you). So he can’t really have just accidentally walked into it

  3. It could be they’re taking him somewhere, as the literal first trailer for the movie ends with him barging into a castle to escape the Dry Bones

  4. It lines up too perfectly with what we’ve seen. There’s a meme going around that “we’ve seen most of the movie” but that’s far from true. Note that the only things that they actually mentioned ARE those things.

  5. You’d be shocked at how “secret screenings,” are genuinely a real thing

  6. Damn, I wonder what this guys comment history is like

  7. This solidified to me that he’s more than likely done as Aquaman post ATLK

  8. Idk why this fancast gets so much hate. I could absolutely see this.

  9. Whilst this could be true, why she’d say that now when the film has been done for months feels weird. Whereas we know with Waller soon approaching shooting (as well as Peacemaker S2) it’s very likely that’s what she’s probably referring to

  10. Pretty ironic that whilst every other major company is pulling out of E3, KONAMI, of ALLLLLL companies, FINALLY has something decent to show

  11. Hasn’t this been long rumored? Maybe I’m wrong but I could’ve sworn I’ve heard about this somewhere before

  12. Very weird comparison to make when a majority of these are quite literally just FEATURING them for a verse or two, whereas on Humanz a large majority of the tracks more so felt like a collection of different artists featuring the Gorillaz.

  13. Start with the Titans and graduate to the Justice League. I’m surprised we (to my knowledge) really haven’t seen a story about him growing up with the Titans and eventually moving on to the League. It would be a really great story considering the themes of adulthood and growing up it carries

  14. It is kinda funny how heavily they marketed this movie on who will and won’t die, only for everyone to somehow make it out okay, and it’s impact was pretty much gone in the span of a few years

  15. I really hate this take, and I’ve seen it time and time again. Yes, no individual person died, but instead the Avengers as an organization died.

  16. Nah, I ain’t buying it. No way the Rock had that much control to refuse cameos and the studio bent to the Rock’s will. What are we really talking about here? Cameos wouldn’t make the movie better. Did the Rock have an ego? Yes. Did he take advantage of the power vacuum that DC created themselves? Also yes.

  17. He’s not blaming him but even then you act like he didn’t have a lot of control when he really did.

  18. I understand that, but instead of blaming the Rock for exercising that control let’s look at whom game him that control to do that. Ultimately someone in WB said yes to his demands. Hopefully with Gunn in control all that fractured leadership will be squared away.

  19. He’s not blaming The Rock though lmao. He shared one article on Instagram that claimed The Rock axed a cameo or two, but NEVER claimed he was to blame for the movie’s mediocre performance

  20. …because the 7 seats were originally for the Wizard and his siblings. We are SHOWN this in Black Adam. PLEASE actually start listening to people instead of refusing to accept the truth

  21. The Wizard has 6 siblings. I’ve BEEN saying this.

  22. There are some ASMRtists who genuinely try…and then there’s this lmao


  24. Castings that don’t fit at all, castings were the race is completely neglected in places where it absolutely matters, and in the very specific case of Damian Wayne not only did you not even attempt to make him the right race, but on top of that he’s a solid 7-8 years older than what James Gunn has openly said will be the age of Damian Wayne in the DCU, and he’d only get closer to his 20’s by the time Brave & The Bold rolls around

  25. Well in my story Damian is actually the son of Harvey Dent, who is played by Elba. So he needs to look part black. Also, my actor for Damian might be a little bit older than what Gunn supposedly wants, but then this is a fancast. This is who I would cast, not Gunn.

  26. Zippo’s credibility aside, wasn’t he the one to originally claim the new DK would be at least 2.5D?

  27. That’s not at all true lmao. Look up how much people speculated on his sexuality, especially linked with Superboy. Not sure which rock you’ve been under for the past few years

  28. Never said recently now. Might want to re-read what I said if you’re gonna act passive aggressive

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