1. I mean, they ain't exactly wrong most of the time. A lot of the criticisms towards Trigger's show (except for a few that I personally disagree with) are pretty deserved

  2. Looks like he's been enjoying his role as Kengo very much......... A bit too much maybe but it's good for him.

  3. Too much fun? Boy, if I were in Kengo's actor's position, I would flex the fact that I was an Ultraman once everywhere I went. Don't matter the quality of the show or where tf I was lmao

  4. I'd say yeah, go for it. Ultraman Z is pretty welcoming to both newcomers and old fans and is probably one of, if not the best modern Ultra shows currently. Ultraman Trigger is a bit trickier/messier, some like it some hate it. There are some pretty glaring flaws and some good high points. But if it's not your cup of tea, you can skip right into Decker. It's a sequel to Trigger and he plays a pretty big role, but it mostly summarizes most of Trigger's story whenever he shows up on there anyways so it's no big deal.

  5. Who is the “Batman” and who is the “Robin” in this relationship?

  6. I feel like their relationship is more similar to Peter Parker's and Miles Morales' relationship from the PS4 Game. Trigger really exudes "the kind big bro" energy to me that helps out Decker whenever needed, but never takes the spotlight off him so Decker can grow to be his own hero.

  7. I can't help but be hung up by the fact that one of the images on the post's picture is legit just Trigger's ass

  8. Better late than never I'd say. Looks great as always!

  9. Never have I agreed on something more in my whole entire life and I'm certain everyone else agrees on this too

  10. Alright, I know that stuff like this is pretty subjective, but I'm genuinely shocked that there are more people saying that Gaim would win over Saber

  11. Isn’t it universally implied that Future Yuzare is Yuna’s descendant, like how Yuna is to the original Yuzare?

  12. No you’re not dumb. It’s always been the case that in Tiga and Trigger’s lore that anyone who has the same face and body in the present is bound to be a reincarnation of someone from the past.

  13. Ah, I see. Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation

  14. https://twitter.com/hiroki329_staff/status/1617505960054116352?t=Fv1geWdm1MPtrDbuzL0F1A&s=19

  15. Twice actually, he also used it against Evil Trigger briefly in Episode Z

  16. Here before someone makes an unfunny "Seven is a bad dad to Zero" joke for the dozenth time

  17. Z's Final Form ranking got me in the first half ngl lol

  18. I don't think it's better to be pessimistic just because it might be more realistic. Gotta have some hope.

  19. There's a saying I really like with situations such as the state of the WoF TV Show

  20. I've already watched this before on JordanTseng's YT Short vid, but Trigger do be havin' some good tastes in music. Tis rare to see someone willingly listen to Never Gonna Give You Up :>

  21. To be fair, they were both after revenge. Just convenient for the good guys that Ignis wanted revenge on one of the bad guys :P

  22. Counterpoint: While Ignis did want revenge against Hudram for destroying his planet and race, he never completely obsesses over it to the point that he changes into a drastically different person like Agams did. He was still relatively kind, charming and sincere to a majority of Trigger's protagonists, even at the start of the show. Despite the pain he faced of losing his race, he managed to remain true to himself the whole series. I think that alone deserves some credit (Not to mention he didn't even seem like he wanted revenge by Episode 22, he just wanted to get his race back at that point)

  23. The Morpheus D hallucination from Ep 18 also implied that deep down Ignis had moved on or at the very least was coping with it pretty well (because he desired more treasures to find instead of more power to crush Hudram). Beating Hudram was a closure, a poetic reward that Ignis earned for staying true to himself.

  24. Holy sheet, you're right. I never noticed that before. How did I not notice that before?

  25. There's also Ezmael from Nexus, he's technically a Chimera/Hybrid type kaiju too

  26. No idea honestly but since it's in Japanese, I assume it's probably from some sorta Toho Magazine exclusively released in Japan, like a lotta other obscure Godzilla info magazines

  27. I know that vs/battle discussions aren't really allowed here now, but this short comic strip really do got me wondering, would Glitter Tiga actually be able to beat Grimdo like this?

  28. Having not indulged in a lot of the specials or films, my ranking is...

  29. Dayyum, Decker being placed lower than Trigger and Taiga? Now that's a real shocker.

  30. I was wondering when someone was going to make a post like dis. It was just too good to not do a meme like this with how Kengo got so thoroughly rekt lol

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