1. Klein can't see mind control, he cant even fix it. Audrey just became aware if her own mind being influenced while in sefirah castle.

  2. Ehhh, you and me are on the opposite ends of the free will dilemma.

  3. Nope Sefirah castle just prevented the immediate effects while he was in it. He noticed its effect while in it but was unable to do anything about it after exiting.

  4. sefirah castle completely removes all the external effects. Actually Klein could do plenty of other things. That's the reason why the Quill of Alzuhod had to repeatedly scribble it's story and re-write it.

  5. this is what confuses me in the comments, just because people dont know about your fucks up doesnt mean they wont affect you or you wont regret them

  6. I suspect that these people suspect that everyone else are restraining their impulses only because of the judgement of society.

  7. His army gets defeated by GRRM's favorite group of super human soldiers that were 'unbeatable'.

  8. In my personal belief, pillars are equal in terms of power and will only be stronger than a pillar when they accommodate another Sefirah.

  9. Pillar is the highest level of stability any entity in the Universe can obtain.

  10. About the pillar being the most self-level you can have with stabilization is just Adam's assumption since there's no way to verify.

  11. ASG is the most knowledgeable entity on GOO matters in the whole LOTM world. He is currently the most truthful source of information on this subject.

  12. cat’s regret of her treatment of jon and how she believes it’s the reason her family is dying is my favorite show only scene i wish was in the books

  13. complete misrepresentation of Catelyn. Might as well have her giving a 10-minute lecture about the psychological effect on children due to neglect with peer-reviewed studies.

  14. how is it a misrepresentation? she literally says she wished Jon dead, then she was afraid if he dies she becomes a murderer, and when he survived she still actively hated him despite promising TO HER GODS otherwise. all the while knowing she was wrong, but still unable to let go of her hatred.

  15. Hmm, this comment is very different to the above comment. It seems I've misunderstood.

  16. BookJaime does not rape his sister (or murder his cousin while we're at it), he has severe trauma related to rape actually. And you are correct, give Daemon some time, he more than makes up for it.

  17. Some commenters in the thread above have said that the scene between Jaime and Cersei was supposed to be consensual. It was clarified by the directors.

  18. Blood Emperor Alista Tudor was able to ascend to Red Priest after killing the 3 Conqueror angels, so Medici had to have accommodated the uniqueness before his death.

  19. No, Alista accommodated the Uniqueness when he ascended to the Seq 0.

  20. Has Rhaenyra gotten anyone tortured though? I mean I don't see any evidence to suggest that. The worst she seemed to have gotten was to get Otto fired and that took some time.

  21. I think I just don't care about you that much.

  22. She is evil. Cares only about herself not the people. And wants power for her own amusement. Kills people in horrific ways for that reason too. She doesn't deserve the throne she wants

  23. Explain to me, how do you discipline 2 6ft tall 15/16 year olds who are going out and causing mischief (breaking into cars, shoplifting ect) as a 5’4 single mother with 2 other children?

  24. Show me studies where it shows that it is effective to hit children. On the contrary, studies have shown opposite.

  25. Yes. The rebirth that will does also resets his madness levels.

  26. NO. The Snake of Fate, Will, specifically mentions the need of anchors to maintain his position of seq 1.

  27. Anything in the World of LOTM can gain a living characteristics depending on the beliefs of many people.

  28. Since 1-42 has the power of a Demon Hunter and Pallez stated that the power of the artifact came from blood that was staining the armor, the god the blood came from was most likely the God of Combat. As to where the blood was shed, that's completely unknown right now.

  29. I am now nearly sure that the blood of the God was the blood of the Giant King. When Giant King was at war with ASG, the Red army must have dealt damage to the Giant King. It is shown 2 times that the blood of deities have at least the power of Demi-gods.

  30. I think that ASG had accomodated Error uniqueness, on ancient rurals power of time was just like any other his authority. that also fits with him not knowing that Error pathway isn't good for him, since he researched GOO system later, when he became half-ga

  31. Accommodation of a uniqueness is similar to digesting beyonder characteristics. ASG could not have accommodated the uniqueness of the Error pathway. Death tried to accommodate the uniqueness of the Red Priest pathway and even when the pathways could be interchanged, Death was unsuccessful. Death had exactly 0 progress for hundreds of years even while using the sefirot {river of eternal darkness}. It's evidence is that the Red Angel Medici still uses the honorific style of the deities and a member of the Red Army can use the Uniqueness of the Red Priest pathway to gather the total strength of the Red Army into 1 beyonder. {during Klein vs Amon in Forsaken Land of the Gods arc} Even Death went mad, ASG would directly lose his sanity if he tried to accommodate the Uniqueness of the Error pathway. And since ASG survived for a long time, it is evidence in my favor.

  32. Death actually accommodated it and that's the reason it was hard to kill him after this. Even Flegrea might've accommodated Fool pathway uniqueness.

  33. It seems that upon the death of the holder of the Uniqueness, it goes back to the previous holder.

  34. What do you expect? Seer, Marauder, and Apprentice Pathway are not combat-oriented, and also pathways with the "Highest" survivability while counterattacking, while the Monster pathway has the "Highest" survivability while taking all the advantages and benefits.

  35. I am just comparing the fighting style of the 3 pathways of Klein and the Red Priest pathway which we are going to see as the main focus in the next book.

  36. Then we will expect some intense conspiracy, war, comradeship, and if book 1 focus on the hardships of poverty for sometime then book 2 will focus on the truth of war.

  37. Lol it sources the exact chapter and page I just read from that says no such thing.

  38. Only the author knows about the specific symbolism. Maybe we will see its significance in the next book since the next book's focus is going to focus outside Loen and into Xio, Tamara family, Castiya family, history of 4th Epoch, etc.

  39. I read the books, millions of people have, stop with the dumb book elitism you are not special.

  40. Then, why are you saying stuff like, 'no king would do that.' when a Targaryen King sent a Kingsguard to wall just for outliving the previous King.

  41. Kings like that aren’t well liked and die early.

  42. But if a Kingsguard has an affair with someone from the royal family, gelding is guaranteed. That's why Criston Cole requests Alicent for a quick death.

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