1. If she is that desperate to base her self worth on how you look, you need to run.

  2. I'd give my left nut for thirty seconds with Susan Dey.

  3. What are you gonna do with the other 27 seconds?

  4. "28... 29... 30... That's enough!"

  5. Dump your boyfriend. That's a lovely hairy pussy.

  6. Nothing. Just start eating you out.

  7. What in the Wide World Of Sports was he thinking?! All that takes is a strong breeze and that's pretty much it.

  8. Keep that luscious bush! She's beautiful!

  9. I'll take the vagina over ice cream any day.

  10. I've heard of this show via a parody called "Mary Hartski, Mary Hartski" that aired on the Friday night movie.

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