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  1. Chronic not-giving-a-fuck. Drama and bullshit rolls right past me like a passing breeze. I don't entertain it, I don't care about it, and frankly none of it affects me because of it.

  2. Thank you for the reply, it's very interesting to read! I don't even have words, it sounds terrifying - totally get why it wasn't worth it. Do you have any pictures of the mines? I have a hard time imagining how they look like. Were you travelling all around the world or mostly around South Africa? Was your task as a surveyor to basically make 'maps' of the mines?

  3. You are a fantastic storyteller. I was so engrossed in reading your stories, comments and looking at your photos I missed my train stop by two stations, I’m not even mad.

  4. Hahaha, thank you! That's definitely the highest praise I've ever gotten. Hope you eventually got where you were going, and wasn't too late

  5. Unfortunately you see a lot of crazy stuff in SA - especially in the rural parts of it. If the police refuse to help, people will take matters into their own hands. And unfortunately, when a group of people get together to "serve justice", you have what's called a "pack mentality".

  6. It's a long and lengthy process to get licensed and get paid for it. Search up the CAA website and read their part 101 legislation regarding it, it'll outline the process for you.

  7. Honestly, me and writing have a complicated relationship. Don't get me wrong, she's a cool gal. But I'm telling ya, she's hard work.

  8. ... that's cool man idk what that has to do with the topic though

  9. They comment this on every post. Spotted them saying the same thing on a trans ama.

  10. As other people have said, take it nice and slow. You can always get more drunk, but it's hard to get more sober.

  11. I'd say just go for it! You'll never get anything done if you worry about what you should and shouldn't do.

  12. This is just my personal solution for when this happens to me:

  13. It depends on the car, too. 180 in a Porsche is different than 180 in a ford

  14. Very true. Driving 120 in a truck feels like nothing but 120 in a Ford feels like fucking 160. Haven't been in a Porsche before but I can only imagine what that feels like

  15. What does driving 120 in a Ford truck feel like?

  16. Weirdest one was "humiliation fetish", I walked away from that one more confused than when I started.

  17. I've joined a few of these "writing communities" in the past. The first time was because I was actually interested, but every time after that was just to see if they were the exact same as the first one. When I joined the first one, I was so shocked that I did nothing but read through the chat logs.

  18. My dog used to be like this and is still like this with strangers. How long have you had him for? It can take a long time for rescues to settle and he needs to 100% trust you before he’s going to trust people around you.

  19. Thanks for this, I've had him for about 2 and a half years and I'm seemingly the only person he actively asks for attention from (he doesn't even like my ex who stayed with him every day for over a year).

  20. What's so cringe about it? Sex sells, and niches/fetishes sell even better. Writing about sex is difficult to do well, so if you have the skills to pull it off, shouldn't you monetize it?

  21. It sounds like you aren’t very good at or interested in writing, and they told you the truth. You said you were just looking for some dopamine, and you are incapable of professional writing. Why would you expect a positive welcome if this was the case?

  22. What exactly would you define as "professional writing", since you're so sure that OP is incapable of it? Is it a specific style of writing? Is it a specific type of format, such as scriptwriting? Or could it just be an arbitrary state of "professionalism" that you decided upon yourself?

  23. It's up to you at the end of the day. Honestly, as long as you're getting words down, it doesn't matter how many you do. As long as it's consistent.

  24. I'm not from America. Hell, I'm not even married. But I live in South Africa, which has the highest rape statistics in the world by far, so I think I'm qualified enough to speak about this.

  25. Yep. And the worst part is that statistic is based off of REPORTED cases, so the number of actual cases is most likely a lot higher

  26. My hair. I have blonde, wavy hair that's super soft and fluffy and people seem to love it.

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